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Very Interested to Do It For Icepick Scarring- Toronto, ON

I would like to do this but I am so scared due to...

I would like to do this but I am so scared due to my asian background. I might experience discolouration like hyperpigmentation. I have an icepick like scarring on my face and really looking for something that is worth doing. I am a filipino guy in search for the best treatment on my facial acne scarring. Do you think this is the right treatment for me? I would like to purchase this because the deal is fairly cheap-$699 for four treatments. Is it the same as Fraxel?
Please help.

I am providing you links to information and Q&A's about the Fraxel Laser and well as Lux 1540.   


Take a look and please ask questions you may have.  

Fraxel Laser Reviews

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Best Laser Resurfacing Treatment for Asian Skin?


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