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I've gone to two consultations so far. Each one...

I've gone to two consultations so far. Each one was brief, about 20 minutes. The doctor told me it would take 1.5 hours for the liposuction and another 1.5 hours for the fat transfer if I remember correctly. The doctor told me after 5-7 days I can return to work. Compression garments are supposed to be worn 1-2 weeks 24 hours a day and then another 1-2 weeks half the time. I chose fat transfer to breast because I also wanted liposuction so I figured I could get 2 procedures in one. I had the options of up to 400cc of fat transfer to each breast and up to 1.5 litres of fat removed. I opted for 250cc for each breast as I did not want the results to be very obvious. The downside to this procedure is moving fat to the breast can cause "calcifications" or little nodules and it makes it difficult to detect breast cancer later on. Might have to get a biopsy rather than mammogram because mammogram might not be able to detect whether the calcification is cancerous or not. I was informed by the doctor some radiologists in the United States are trained to spot the difference so I have to do my research to find one. I worked out on my abdominal region a lot in the past and didn't notice a difference. I've always been very insecure about it and covering up. I didn't want to feel like that anymore so I chose to get this procedure done. Right now I'm feeling very nervous about the procedure, the recovery time and the possible unnatural look.


Hello I had the procedure already. I felt I should have got more fat transferred I only got 150 cc because he showed me the size of an implant 250cc and it looked like it would make my breasts too huge so I went for 150cc but he put around 200 I think he said. The full price is around 10500. He said theres something around an 85% retention on the fat afterwards. my stomach is thinner it looks pretty natural except below the belly button there is like an indentation, maybe from where my pants sat. he said that would go away by about 6 months. my breasts are a little bit bigger but I don't notice much of a difference I still wear the same bra. the 150 cc of fat is really spread out over the top part and all over so I could've gone with about 300 cc I think. I do massages on my belly where the indentation is cause I read online that helps. when I went in the operating room I thought I cant believe im doing this and thought of the worst but the recovery wasn't that bad. I went back to work after about a week. I just leaned a bit forward when I walked. my family members never even found out I had anything done. I felt I coudlve been a bit more informed and if I had been I would've chosen 300 cc but the doctor did a good job and followed my wishes.
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Have you had the procedure yet? Was $10000 the full price?
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How did it turn out? Did you like dr. Tong?
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liposuction amount

Also I should mention that he took out about 800 cc of fat from my abdominal area. the amount of fat you want in your breasts is about a quarter of what they suction because about half of the fat survives the centrifusion process.

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