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Two series of treatments for mild acne scars, it...

Two series of treatments for mild acne scars, it hurt much more than it was supposed to. I applied the freezing gel first but the pain was still almost unbearable. The technician kept saying others patients don't express so much pain. My skin flared after. I debated not going for my second Fraxel session due to such a bad reaction but was encouraged by the technician to try another $900 session as "sometimes it takes more than 1 treatment to work". Then my skin flared even more after that.

Every day since then I have had painful lesions on my face that take over 2 weeks to heal, and even then don't fully heal and rupture into another lesion over time. The lesions start off as what looks like a clogged/blocked pore, then become deep, painful, weeping lesions. I have tried treating them with topical antibiotics, benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, sulfur, antifungal creams, anti viral creams, rosacea creams...nothing helps. Areas affected leave hypo-pigmentation scars.

My dermatologist on last visit had me in tears as I've gone for appointment after apppointment without relief... said there was no way it could be Fraxel and asked me if I've ever tried concealer. My doctor said Fraxel was well studied before being approved and dismissed the chance of aftermarket release incidents. Also discounted information of such incidents on the internet, despite being linked under "Fraxel doctors" in this web sites "Find a Doctor".


Sorry for the confusion. I mentioned to my doctor that there were
other people experiencing similar issues since Fraxel and that I was
on a blog forum with them. She discounted this as "you can't believe
what you find on the internet". However when I looked under "Find a
doctor" from this doctor is frustrating. I
have suffered with this for 3 years I think now. When the lesions are
active they hurt. Lesions near my temples and on my forehead present
with associated sick, nauseating headaches. When lesions are near my
eyes I have reduced vision due to some sort eye infections or
inflammation. Lesions around my mouth and nose seem to be contagious?
as if I touch them by mistake then touch another area of my skin I get
a lesion there also. I asked the doctor to do a culture to see what it
is I need to treat. She refused and I usually can not even finish
telling her all the related problems before breaking down in tears and
rushed out of the appt. I asked for a second opinion at the same
clinic but from notes on my chart...I felt similarly dismissed.
Thanks for your concern.

If you aren't feeling well cared for, I would encourage you to seek another opinion from a different clinic. Its important you feel you are being listened to, and that your concerns are being taken seriously.


I'm so sorry to hear about what you have been going through. How long has it been since your last treatment?

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Generally a nice doctor but didn't believe me and not interested in helping me at that point

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