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I have scars from severe acne (I'm 47 yrs old)...

I have scars from severe acne (I'm 47 yrs old) and I finally made the decision to do something about them. Just had my first Fraxel re:store treatment 2 days ago...2 more to go.

Pros: painful - even with the numbing gel, my face felt like it was on fire. The pain subsided within a three-hour time frame after the treatment. I used ice packs and slept in an almost seated position to reduce swelling. I also looked lobster red - like I had an extremely bad sunburn.

On day 2, the swelling was awful around my chin and jawline - I looked deformed and the redness was still there. I also developed some whiteheads along my chin and forehead.

On day 3, redness is turning pink but I now have crusty areas throughout. Most of the swelling has subsided - still some around the jaw line. I put makeup on and this covered the redness - I feel like I can go out without anyone asking "hey, what's up with your face?".

Pros: the fine lines on my forehead have been minimized. Some of the fine lines around my eyes are gone. Skin appears more youthful - can't tell what's going on with the scars yet because the area is still quite red.

It is now 2 weeks since my first fraxel treatment....

It is now 2 weeks since my first fraxel treatment. My skin started to flake a lot, especially around the chin and jaw line on day 4 post treatment. The flaking continued on for most of the week but "bronzing" wasn't really much of an issue - it was the flaking dry skin that was really annoying. I had a party to go to on day 8 post treatment and I looked pretty good. Now, into the 2nd week, skin looks smoother and I am quite surprised that I notice a difference after only one treatment. Forehead lines and furrow lines (between my eyebrows) have been minimized slightly. I am looking forward to seeing the results after the next 2 treatments but I'm not looking forward to the treatments themselves and the swelling.

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It's been one year since I had my 3 fraxel laser treatments and I am pleased with the results. I could have had an additional 2 as was the suggestion but I was happy with the results after 3. My acne scars have been minimized and my skin appears more youthful. Just had my 49th birthday and people can't believe I'm going to hit the big 5-0 next year. I'll post photos when I have the chance.
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If not immediately, you will definitely see the damage a year later.

The long term damage and side effects haven't been studied. Don't do it!

I hope you don't get any long term damage but please wait at least 6 months to a year before you report a good review. Fraxel causes long term damage you can't even imagine.
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You don't give any examples, so how are we to believe that you're not working for a plastic surgeon who's losing money because people are opting out of going under the knife? What long term damage are you talking about? Also, there are different types of lasers....
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I also had my Fraxel restore three days ago and I am exactly going through the same things you went and are going through...

For me it's day 3 and the swelling has subsided a bit but the redness is still very noticeable and I had to put make up to go out (although I am a man!).

It is too early to judge on the procedure now. I wish if the swelling continues for ever as it has smoothened everything and the scars are gone but I am certain that the scars will be back when the swelling ends...unless I am lucky to see some improvement (I am very realistic..even less than 50% improvement is fine with me).

I still have two sessions to go..I am not looking forward to the swelling and redness...the downtime is really aweful.
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Hi the real,

Welcome to the Fraxel community. Well, the good news is, based on the community reviews you should be less red any day now, and the white heads are pretty common. How's everything feeling/looking today? Better I hope. Please keep us updated and if things heal up well and you feel comfortable we would love to see pictures. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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