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LIME juice works, it brighten's the skin as well...

LIME juice works, it brighten's the skin as well as kills acne, its the oldest remedies, all so excises helps get toxins out the body drink water, garlic supplyments helps your body, an omega 3 helps skin, hair an nails to grow healther. HIMALAYAN salts really works, i fulled my bath tub with warm to hot water put half cup of salts, only himalayan salts soaked in it for 20 mins, and rubed my had on my foot all the dead skin came of, its was dirty. when i was done with my body i was embrased of how the water looked.

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will lemon juice work?
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It is awesome that you are so into natural treatment!! I have heard of using Epsom salts in bath. Do you know what the difference/advantage is with Himalayan?

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