Vaser 1000 Ccs Too Little on Saddlebag Thighs (Inner, Outer and Knee Area)?

I wanted to reduce the size of my saddlebag thighs...

I wanted to reduce the size of my saddlebag thighs. I am 5'3" and weigh 130 lbs. My hips are 42 inches and my thighs are 24 inches.

I had Vaser lipo in three places on my saddlebag thighs: inner, outer and knee area.

My PS said he took 1000 ccs in total -- so 500 ccs per thigh I guess. They measure 24 inches and after 3 weeks there is absolutely no change. They measure exactly the same and I don't think I've even had any swelling. The recovery was practically painless.

Will I see any difference with 500 ccs gone?
If there is no change I think you have a right to a touch up for free from your doctor. Going through liposuction is painful; even more painful if there are zero results. I wish you the best.
I would think you should see some difference, but after only 3 weeks it might be offset by swelling. Have you talked with your doctor? I had 1500 cc's removed from outer & inner thighs, and definitely can see results; my dr. said he removed a larger than usual volume.
Thanks so much for your reply. It's now been 6 weeks and there is still no difference: 24-inch thighs just like before surgery. Did you have 1500 ccs removed from EACH thigh? or 750 ccs from each thigh for a total of 1500 ccs? How much difference did you have in inches? I just sent before and after photos to my doctor and have not received any response.
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Have yet to see any results.

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