Vaser 1000 Ccs Too Little on Saddlebag Thighs (Inner, Outer and Knee Area)?

I wanted to reduce the size of my saddlebag thighs...

I wanted to reduce the size of my saddlebag thighs. I am 5'3" and weigh 130 lbs. My hips are 42 inches and my thighs are 24 inches.

I had Vaser lipo in three places on my saddlebag thighs: inner, outer and knee area.

My PS said he took 1000 ccs in total -- so 500 ccs per thigh I guess. They measure 24 inches and after 3 weeks there is absolutely no change. They measure exactly the same and I don't think I've even had any swelling. The recovery was practically painless.

Will I see any difference with 500 ccs gone?
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Have yet to see any results.

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If there is no change I think you have a right to a touch up for free from your doctor. Going through liposuction is painful; even more painful if there are zero results. I wish you the best.
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I would think you should see some difference, but after only 3 weeks it might be offset by swelling. Have you talked with your doctor? I had 1500 cc's removed from outer & inner thighs, and definitely can see results; my dr. said he removed a larger than usual volume.
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Thanks so much for your reply. It's now been 6 weeks and there is still no difference: 24-inch thighs just like before surgery. Did you have 1500 ccs removed from EACH thigh? or 750 ccs from each thigh for a total of 1500 ccs? How much difference did you have in inches? I just sent before and after photos to my doctor and have not received any response.
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That was total, so about 750 each - mostly on the outer thigh, relatively little on the inner. I think I lost at least an inch or so on each thigh, although I've only measured once, just a few days post-op. It's more about the shape than the size, for me it's easy to see a real difference in silhouette and in how my clothes fit. Your doctor definitely should respond to you, although he may say you need to wait longer to see results. Lots of the Q&A responses on this site say it does take a while to see final results, hard as it may be to believe. Keep following up!
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