Laser "Horror" Clinic in Toronto Scarred Me for Life

I went in for a simple procedure, and I came out...

I went in for a simple procedure, and I came out scarred for life with burns and atrophies in my flesh. Not only do they use out of date equipment, but Isabelle isn't even a real doctor and should not be operating it. She used the lasers on levels that were far too high. The worst experience of my life.


Isabelle M Dastranj

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I have had real bad experiences with laser hair removal.. I Have tried IPL, Elos and Lightsheer Diode. I got over 12 ipl treatments that basically my ruined my skin. The ipl had zero results on my hair. In fact, It activated some weird growth of hair on some areas where I had minimal hair like my upper arms and shoulders. This whole laser thing was the biggest mistake of my life! Elos laser performed on my chest and back was done by a certified operator and still burnt my skin. I didnt give up as my hair looked million times worst than I had started with. I already got 2 treatments by a high end spa, that uses LightSheer Diode and it reduced the hair by over 50 already. I have high hopes from this place. I am half way through after spending a fortune of hard earned cash! I would say, STAY AWAY FROM IPL LASER!! Especially if your light brown to Olive skin color.
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What is the name of the spa where you are getting the LightSheer Diode treatments?
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Lasers should not be banned, instead there should be more stringent requirements on being able to open a practice, and continued requirements for certification (i.e. every year they should get re-certified and pass a strict test). When performed properly with correct settings and an experienced professional, I believe laser hair removal can yield good results. I am sorry to hear that it did not turn out well for you, and I wish others would not experience the same.
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I have ruined my skin from a place in Woodbridge so I know how you feel. Electrolysis is the road for me. I wish lasers were banned.
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i live in toronto and am wanting to get laser done but not sure where to go. but i definitely don't want to go to the same place you went. what was the place called?
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