Tiny Brown Dots After Fraxel Treatment - Toronto, ON

It's been 10 days since I had my very first fraxel...

It's been 10 days since I had my very first fraxel treatment and the treating areas are now covered with patterns of tiny brown spots and hyperpigmentation. I've read lots of reviews online and learned that the downtime for fraxel should last no longer than a week. In my case, is this normal, and will this go away? I've been struggling with severe stretch mark problems for many years and finally decided to get it fixed. I was told that a combination of carboxy and fraxel treatments would lead to an optimal result, so I decided to give it a try. However, from what I'm experiencing, it could've been a bad decision. The actual damange is more severe than the photos.


I've had bumpy black blood vessels under my skin since my second fraxel and CO2 treatment. Not a pretty site. Most severe on my cheeks. My doctor wants to pinpoint laser these black spots but I am so afraid. They treated me very aggressively and now I'm paying the price. It's so sad. I have pricked the bumps and blood has come out leaving a red mark on my face. Better red that black. It's just blood pooled underneath my skin but I'm so upset and angry that this happened.
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Are you still suffering hyperpigmentation? did your physician give you a post treatment plan with products?
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Thank you for sharing your review, everybody reacts differently to the treatment, did you follow up with your doctor? Feel free to ask a doctor on the site about the patterns of tiny brown spots and hyperpigmentation.
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