Diaries of a Liposuction :) - Toronto, ON

I finally decided to get lipo on my flanks/tummy...

I finally decided to get lipo on my flanks/tummy area! I booked Dec 20th! I really wanted that date so I can use some of the holidays to recover. I have been thinking about it for a few years but only recently have been looking at it more seriously. I have been reading lots of the reviews and have got lots of useful tips but also have to admit some of it scares me a lil and makes me reconsider. I have very low pain tolerance. I will be working some of the days the following week and hope I can make it! I am 29 and I've had an issue with my flanks since I can remember! I do enjoy staying fit and for the most of it I try to watch what I eat and workout (but im just naturally not stick thin). I usually avoid wearing any fitting tops and don't like to be seen in a swimsuit. My family all say I look great the way I am but I am just really aware of it and it bothers me way to much. When choosing my dr. I didn't interview as many as others here have. I only selected a few based on their reviews, credentials, I looked at sites like real self, ratemd and I even searched their license on CPSO (it tells you where they graduated from and if they are fit to practice). I think I hand-picked the ones I will meet and hope I made the best decision. - will keep you posted :)

Surgery is in less than a month. Excited and...

Surgery is in less than a month. Excited and scared... I bought a bottle of vitamin E oil and massage oil (thought I can use it to massage the area afterwards), Silicone gel and sheets (to help with the scar after its healed), polysporin (altho I don’t think I will need it). I am also looking to buy a girdle, can anyone recommend? not sure if my PS will provide but I will like to have more than one. I saw reviews on spanx, is it worth investing?

Forgot to mention I bought arnica gel too - to...

Forgot to mention I bought arnica gel too - to help with the swelling. Not sure how effective it is but lots of people swear by it. Its worth trying..

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your upcoming procedure, I hope all goes well for you! I'm sure it will and you'll have the holidays to rest up and be merry! :-)

A lot of people on RealSelf seem to swear by Arnica, so it's definitely worth a try.

Please do come back and let us know how you're doing and how your procedure goes!

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