Chemical Peel with Microdermabrasion - Toronto, ON

I just got my first chemical peel today, I...

I just got my first chemical peel today, I don't know the results yet and will have to wait a few days to see. I just wanted to mention that the procedure itself wasn't too bad, I felt a little bit of tingling and burning (I have VERY sensitive skin, my eyebrows are pink for 3 days after I wax them). This feeling only lasted a minute or two until she put on the neutralizing cream over top. I did it in order to get rid of mild acne and fine wrinkles so that I can later do photorejuvenation laser treatment to get rid of the broken blood vessels on my nose (from sun damage and squeezing whiteheads). I will write more once I see the full results. I have 4 more treatments to go.

I also wanted to mention that I get cold sores a...

I also wanted to mention that I get cold sores a lot and I read on here that some people go cold sores from the chemical peel. I didn't get any and I am very susceptible to them so if you are worried about that, maybe u dont need to be.

Also - unlike some people who complain about redness, I did not get red, just a little bit pink for the first few hours but nothing too embarrassing to go on the subway with.

So far (day 2) my skin hasn't started peeling, but my skin feels tighter and looks much smoother.

Its good to hear things are going well for you so far! Do you happen to know what kind of chemical peel they used on you? If you do, I'm sure others with sensitive skin would like to hear what it was. :)

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