Package of 4 Fraxel Treatments - Toronto, Canada

To reduce/remove acne scarring, pros: smoothed out...

to reduce/remove acne scarring, pros: smoothed out bumpy patches of scars, cons: downtime/peeling skin.

I had my 1st of 4 sessions for acne scarring.

The main difference after the 1st was the "flattening" impact, the scars I used to have had a crater / hole texture and was visibly uneven.

As of now (5 days after), I still see similar scarring but it looks much more even/smooth.

I expect the next 3 to only make it better, now that the overall skin is more evened out, I am expecting that the next 3 (and a few months for skin to grow) treatments should give me a fairly clear appearance.

I had no bleeding or any other side effects as of yet (taking all the precautions, etc).

Please let me know what you think / rate my progress.


Thanks for posting so many pictures in your review - that is so helpful!

From what I understand it can take a while to see the results from Fraxel.

Here is a Q&A that talks about it:

Fraxel Laser - How Long Does It Take to See Improvement in a Series Treatment?

Keep us posted on what changes you see in your skin & how you are feeling! :)

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hi, i have the same problem with deep scarring and want to get fraxel done. Where in toronto did u get it done?there are so many clinics who provide fraxel laser but i want to go to the best one!!!
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