So I've Been Lurking Around This Site.! - Toronto, Canada

Hey Ladies, I ve been lurking around this...

Hey Ladies,

I ve been lurking around this website and I am learning so much about this procedure! I got a little shook and started bcking down. however I know after getting this done i will feeel better about my self. I just want to make sure i choose the right surgeon and make sure I am setting myself up the right way with prep work etc.

So basically I need advice on who I should seek for this I am aiming to get it done for SEPT/OCT. I really wanted this done before my bday (I AM A LIBRA) but not sure if thats enough time to prep for this!


I am still not sure who should do my surgery

This is so hard because I want the best work done for the most reasonable amount of $$.
What do you ladies suggest ?

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

How are you doing? Have you found a doctor yet or had any consultations?

We'd love to have an update to your review!

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