Puckered in Areola from Lift

Hello and thanks so very much for reading my...

Hello and thanks so very much for reading my question.

I had a BA and a benelli lift in Dec. 07. My PS and i noticed that the bottom of my nipples was puckering inwards and the bottom of my right was very firm. In Aug. 09 my PS placed Alloderm under my areolas and now the bottom of my right is not as firm BUT the puckering is still there. It has come down but its still unsightly to me. I am to see my PS in March and we will go over my options. One that popped into his head was taking lose skin from my tummy area and place it where the puckering is. This would allow me to wear tube tops and the indent would not be noticeable. It is my understand that the puckering is being caused by scar tissue and the lack of natural tissue.

I have Natrelle 410 FF, 375cc, under the muscle. I am thinking taking those and scar tissue out through the armpit and placing a larger implant in there may be option. My PS said that if I didn't need the lift than this wouldn't have happened. But the the nipple was placed where theres not much tissue.

pros - i have never felt so confident.

cons - not happy with my areolas from the lift and i wish i went bigger

I did this to give me what every one deserves; self esteem.

I am curious as to what you doctors would do in this situation? Any ideas? Thanks
I did see my doctor but it was ealier than March 18th because both my breast became extremly hard and painful. He scheduled me for an ultra sound because he thought i may have had fluid build up from surgery. Turns out nothing is wrong, and they are feeling much better. So the March 18th appointment was cancelled due to seeing him earlier. We didn't duscuss the areola puckering because we were more concerned about the pain i was in. So as of today, i am living with the areolas, but as soon as i find myself falling back into depression because of them i will see him to discuss further options. I am at the point where i would rather not have another surgery and just wait until i can financially afford another surgery where i can go bigger and possibly go for rounds. Thanks for checking in with me. It's sweet of you.

I'm wondering if you saw your doctor for a follow up yet, and what he said about your puckering/scarring issue. There's some discussion of areola scarring and correction over in our doctor's Q & A section. Hope this helps.

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He and I have seen eye to eye on everything that I have been going through.

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