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Okay i am 3 days post op and extremely depressed!...

Okay i am 3 days post op and extremely depressed! i regret doing this soo much :( i hate my implants there huge and i can't stop crying. Im 5'7 and 120 i got 397cc under moderate profile. i was a small 34b before and i still havent fully seen them seeing there wrapped up but they feel like there on side of my arms and a gap in between my chest and HUGE!! please someone help i can't stop crying. are they gunna look smaller because there moderate profile? i only wanted to be a large 34C!! i feel like im a G


Hi, I am from Toronto too. Who is your PS?? I am sure they just look big from the swelling of the implants. As soon as stop swelling they will be smaller. Also, you are probably not use to looking at yourself with bigger breast. It takes time to adjust. I believe you got the 15's so your profile should look great on you.
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What size did you want
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i kept telling my doctor it was too much and he said no you will be fine. i literally havent stopped crying for 5 days. please tell me there going to shrink. i wasnt a full B so he said 397 was perfect for my frame and height but they're HUGE. im freaking out
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