I Had Buttock Augumentation and Breast Implants Done on July27th 2011 - Toronto, ON

I had both surgerys done at once. I was told to...

I had both surgerys done at once. I was told to lay on my side . I keep getting nervous im laying on my butt to much so I try and twist my body! I've Been sleeping on my stomach my whole life.

I'm finding this so hard and frustrating ! I had too end up putting pillows under my stomach to elevate me up high so my breast wernt being pushed on.

My butt is my main concern I don't want the fat to be disrupted .My stomach is soar but manageable. My surgeon said I could sleep on the pillows but stay high up. Can anyone make me feel better pleASE ! I see so many doctors saying don't do both procedures at once! I Already had it done .

Can you email or write the name of your surgeon?
Can u post some before n after pics?
I can, I just don't want to ruin my fat graphting that was done to my bum !
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