19 Years Old, 5'7,130lbs Breast Augumentation - Toronto, ON

I'm 19 years old, Chinese 5'7, 130lbs, 34A (fills...

I'm 19 years old, Chinese 5'7, 130lbs, 34A (fills up nicely), to 34B depending on the bra, and looking to do a breast augumentation. I've consulted with 3 plastic surgeons so far and they suggested I go 375-425cc inframammary incision under the muscle. Now I'm just concerned if I get them now, will my breasts sag faster? And will I have to keep having to maintain and keep up with the surgery (every 15 years or so) for the rest of my life. Also, I'm debating on whether to go 375cc, 400cc or 425cc, I don't want to make a decision and go too small or big! Any advice?

next consultation! :D

so in the next few weeks i have a couple of consultations that im really excited to have booked!... On aug 22nd i have a 2pm appointment with Dr.Lista at the plastic surgury clinic (toronto) and then on september 10th i have an appointment with Dr.Weinburg in missisauga. I really like that Dr lista uses a pain pump and drain... has anyone used these before? :)
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There's no way to predict how many more surgeries you will have, but yes, you will have more!! Some women keep their implants for over 20 years, whereas I had to replace them at one year!!! Once you start this, it keeps on at its own pace. As far as sagging, the bigger the implant and the less you support it, the more it will sag. For those of us who have breastfed, the sagging is already present, so the implant fills up the pockets beautifully. I think your size range that you've picked is good for your height. I have 350s and it made me a 30F (at some stores) more likely a 32DD, but I'm shorter than you, so go for around 400 with your height.
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Thanks so much! Yeah I was considering either the 400cc or 425cc! And I'm sorry to hear you had to redo the surgery only one year after! :( ....now I have 2 surgeons to choose from. Dr Ronald Levine or Dr Quinton Chivers. OR do I want to pay $250 to have a consultation with Martin Jugenburg.
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Hmmm. That name sounds familiar. I paid $100 for my revision consult and it wasn't rolled into the total amount once I booked surgery, so check to see if it is. It was worth it to me to pay the money. If you like what a doc has said and he has good reviews, then go with him/her. My first surgeon I picked by a friend's suggestion only; my second revision surgeon I found on real self, so go with your instincts on this.
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