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Okay so this started off as just a general want I...

Okay so this started off as just a general want I didn't think I'd go through with. After constant research, near obsession, wanting it and then not wanting it, I have decided that I want my body done. The deciding part has been the hardest! Considering: God who plays a huge role in my life, my parents, and my life overall! Because at the end of this we all want to be alive and healed to enjoy the enhancement we've made to our beautiful bodies.
Hey I'm from Toronto too..Did round 1 bbl right at home. Biiggg disappointment goin to Mia for round 2 to get salamified!! Too scared to do to DR. Alll the best to you!!
all the best!
Welcome!!!! Good luck on your journey Cocacola!!! It will not be easy. But there are many sistas on RS that will inform/educate/guide you, so that your journey would be as smooth as possible. You didn't give much info. You will find the more info you provide, the more assistance/advice you will get. Good luck on your journey. I'm T.O. also.
Dra. Australia Baez or Dra. Duran

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