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I am four days post op and am so relieved the...

I am four days post op and am so relieved the scary part of being put under is finally done. I has had a great experience thus far, and am very happy with my results already! And I'm still swollen so I can only anticipate how pleased I'll be weeks from now! The drains are a pain in the butt, and always in the way. So I am more than excited to finally get those bad bus removed! Not sure what it is, but I have this shooting pain above my right knee that is causing more pain than the hip to hip incision I now sport. But I will be going into my ps' office tomorrow to see what's going on with that. I'm off the Percocet and only taking Motrin at this point.

Today I am 6 days post op. I got my drains taken...

Today I am 6 days post op. I got my drains taken out yesterday, and boy oh boy do i feel better! Those drains, while serving a purpose, were in the way! I find myself walking a little straighter. Not much but it's progress. The strips around my belly button fell off yesterday as well as a few on my incision. The swelling has gone down a little since my 48 hour photo. But I can tell I have a long way to go. PS is happy with my incision and how straight it is healing. I am really looking forward to getting back into my p90x regiment. Not sure how soon that will happen, But I sure miss my Tony Horton fix everyday. lol
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He's very cut and dry. He knows his stuff and I am very please with everything thus far. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!

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I'm just about 3 weeks post op, and boy oh boy, am I lookin good! I can tell I'm still a little swollen by the look of my belly button... But i have such a small waist already! I can't imagine being any flatter and slimmer!!!! My God this was the best decision of my life (besides getting married and having my beautiful bebe's) I promise I will post my pics asap!
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Day 8 post op, took some more pics, will make sure to post them tomorrow, I noticed almost all of my tape has fallen off my incision! Still very swollen, but, i've said it a million times, this swelling and healing will pass, but my spare tire is gone so the huge scar, the swelling, whatever! I'll take it! I love feeling my flat tummy!
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You look great!! I had the same tummy type pre-TT. Just wait, once the swelling goes down and you can actually put clothes on again, you're going to love how you look! And your clothes will be so much bigger on you. ;) Isn't it weird to have a smooth flat tummy again?
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Thank you! I am already so happy with my results! It's a huge improvement from my pre op belly. So even if my swelling never went down anymore I would still love my results! lol. I just never thought it would actually happen! and now I just cannot stop looking at my before and after pics!
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When they took out ur drains was it painfull ????
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Mumtum, I'm a HUGE sissy and felt queasy at the very thought of my drains being removed. (I had 3). Each time, they would tell me to take a huge breath in and then let it out...And they were done while I was concentrating on the breath in and out. No pain, didn't feel a thing at all except the 2nd one which I did feel move a little inside. Didn't hurt a bit just felt odd.
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Lol me too I'm chicken but more than my pain I was worried bout my kids as in they so lil so after year I will b on flat side too yeah ..... So my research is on as I hv very lil pain threshold funny after two c section still I'm so afraid hehehee any ways u have fun wid ur beautiful body just wear way ever u want darling go shopping go nuts well after some time !!!!!!
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I felt a little pinch, but nothing horrible. My nurse said the same thing, inhale and exhale. by the time my exhale was done, so was she, feel so much better having them out! way less restricted
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Great going girl u look perfect I can understand what a relief u take care happy healing
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