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After recently having a consultation at Bryan...

After recently having a consultation at Bryan Mendelson's rooms regarding a lower facelift I was left very confident and excited by the whole prospect of a refreshed look. The whole procedure was explained in thorough detail accompanied with plenty of photographic evidence with regard to the healing process. Although we all heal at different rates it was good to see the various stages thoroughly documented. The professionalism I encountered added to my confidence and I am looking forward to the next step. Will keep you posted.


I have now had my second consultation in Dr. Mendelson's rooms - I failed to mention that my first consultation was actually with Jennifer who is the first port of call where I had the comforting opportunity to ask all the initial questions and was shown all the photographic evidence regarding the soft lift procedure. In my second consultation with Dr Mendelson himself I was already thoroughly informed and able to allow him to visually show me the pending changes. I felt very at ease as Dr Mendelson handed me a mirror and proceeded to show me with thorough explanation of what would take place - his genteel manner certainly enhanced my confidence so without hesitation I made my appointment for early September.

I am looking forward to sharing my ongoing experience.
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