I have a sleepy look to my eyes - Couldn't Be Happier! - Alabama, AL

I had my uppers and lowers done 03/04/09 and there...

I had my uppers and lowers done 03/04/09 and there was NO PAIN...PRO!

My eyes were swollen shut when leaving recovery and I was near blind for about a day, the routine of after care has been a tad bothersome, and my vision is blurry where as before I did not have this. CON!

I'm currently at day 10 post op and my uppers and lowers look great, but I have a sleepy look to my eyes. Not a tired look like before surgery, but like I am sleepy or just woke up.

I hope this is due to tightness and swelling, but this remains to be seen, but seemingly so far so good. 

So glad everything went so well for you! I had mine done on 2/25 and I had that "sleepy" look that I think you are talking about. My daughter and I both agreed that I looked "sad". Each day, I can look up a little better - do you have that problem where it feels like you can't look up without going a little cross-eyed feeling? Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since, and I have a post op appointment. My last bit of bruising is just about gone. My scars on the outer sides of my eyes (crows feet area) are still tender, and so is my whole eye area when I touch it. Like you, I'm pretty pleased with the results! Are you 67 years old? I'm only asking because of your "name". If so, it seems that the older patients are more pleased with their results, in my opinion, than the younger ones who have this operation done (from reading the reveiws here).
Hi Minnie. Glad to hear from you! "67" is my birth year so I'm 42, but I've been insecure with the looks of my eyes since my 20's. It has been 17 days since my bleph and I am loving it more each day. I do still have the "cross eyed" feeling when trying to look up. Glad you mentioned that because I was wondering if that was typical or if it was something that may be wrong. I had almost zero bruising so from what I've read I am among the few and my eyes haven't even been sore. They do tend to get dry and my vision blurs I am assuming due to the dryness. Do you have this issue? Please keep me posted as it is really great to chat with someone in the same boat...so to speak. =] Jen

OK, day 19. My lids are still partially numb and...

OK, day 19. My lids are still partially numb and tight and my vision in the right eye is still a tad blurry, but I see and feel improvement every day. I no longer try to hide my eyes behind excessive, dark eyeshadow - YAY!!! After my 6 week check up (04/27) I will schedule laser or chemical resurfacing to the eye area as the wrinkles are still there, but no nearly as bad as before. My doctor specifically told me this would not remove all wrinkles PRIOR to my bleph. Can't wait to get the resurfacing behind me. Any input on the lasers, etc....any suggestions?

I'm now @ 4 weeks and continue to see improvement....

I'm now @ 4 weeks and continue to see improvement. Still anxious to get the resurfacing behind me, but so happy I did this! It's very important to have realistic expectations, as mr Doctor clearly pointed out prior to surgery.

Your photos look great. Congrats! :)
Thanks so much Sharon. I was hesitant to have anything done, but so glad I just went for it. I'm a happy person that loves to laugh, but the outer appearance just didn't reflect that. I felt I appeared sad and/or angry. Now my outer appearance is a much better fit for the way I feel on the inside.

Still loving my Bleph results! Finally got the...

Still loving my Bleph results! Finally got the resurfacing behind me and I'm still healing. Check out my pics listed under Chemical Peel for a pretty good idea of what to expect. YIKES =]

Almost a year and a half after my surgery. For me, it was well worth it!
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