Too Short Tip After Rhinoplasty

I had little bump on my nose because I wore...

I had little bump on my nose because I wore glasses. My nose was symmetrical in profile. I wanted to remove only the bump (which was practically invisible in profile) but my surgeon said that he will have to also define my tip. I agreed and now I think my tip is overshortened and my nose look operated.

I had primary Rhinoplasty 1 year ago and I regret it. Before the Rhinoplasty, I had stronger and symmetrical nose and I was very satisfied with my face. After operation, my nose is more feminine in profile, but tip is little bit upturned and I don't like it. The result is not bad and drastic. I think my old nose was better balanced and I would like to consider revision and rotate my tip down. Also, I am very sceptical about adding cartilage because I have heard cartilage can warp with time. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I feel as if I could have written the above comment. Today, I found out that my doctor is not even a certified cosmetic surgeon. He is an ENT and qualified to do head and neck surgery. My nose feels terrible in addition to not looking as great. As you said, the results are not bad or drastic, but my old nose was still much better and it is now a bit crooked. This doctor has offered to give me my money back, but he wants me to sign all these legal papers. Still, I am going to have to pay and go through another surgery if I decide to get a revision in the future. Not only that, this jerk doctor was paid by the insurance for the medical aspect of my procedure.
I had the same thing happen to me. I am not happy that my surgeon did not communicate with me abou what the result would look like. Did you ever do anything or have a revision?
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I wouldn't recommend my doctor, because he didn't use computer simulation and he didn't communicate enough before the surgery. I find that communication is essential. He didn't ask me about my expectations and that's way I am not satisfied with the result. My tip is upturned and I don't think my nose fit my face.

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