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Hey everybody, I'm fairly new to this and I was...

Hey everybody, I'm fairly new to this and I was wondering has anybody been to or heard anything about Neopel Hair Transplants in TJ, Mexico? If so, what are your thoughts/concerns? I have traction alopecia on the sides of my head and a little in the front and I'm in the process of going natural and it's not the best look with it neing thin on the sides.

I have traction Alopecia as well. I am bald on the sides of my head from ponytails. I have not heard of them but I am scheduled with Gardel and Dr. Gaston De La Garza in April. The facility is impressive. I was able to see patient results on youtube and their facility. I was quoted $3400.
I just had a HT with them last week. Dr. Hernandez and her staff were very professional and the pre-op process was ade seamless with their office staff. They picked me up from SD airport, took me to a nice hotel in TJ and Dr. H called me the night prior to surgery to tell me what I needed to do to prepare. Dr. H picked me up at my hotel the next morning and briefed me on the way to her office. Once at te office, I was given a Xanax and then one of her staff cut my hair. From there, I don't recall much as I was given some drug that made me loopy but I felt no pain during or after the procedure. She gave me meds to take post-op and I didn't need to take the pain killer. It's been exactly 1 week since the procedure and I'm crossing my fingers that all the grafts remain where they were planted!
Do you have any pics you can post?
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I found out about them from a plastic surgeon in TJ, Mexico.

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