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Well this past year I went to see a surgeon about...

Well this past year I went to see a surgeon about something totally different and he had mentioned that I was in good shape and he said that how did I feel about my eyes and I was like hm??? But then I saw my pix and thought I hate these bags under my eyes.. Last year I saw in pix and noticed them badly?? What would this procedure be called?? Ideas? Tips? Advice? I am 44 and very healthy but this does bug me..
Thanks for starting a review on RealSelf.  It sounds like you are looking for a lower blepharoplasty, which is surgery to remove the excess fat from underneath your eyes.  Another option is having a fat pad transfer, where the doctor takes some of the fat and moves it to your tear trough area (between your nose and your eye bag) to make the dent less obvious.  Another option is to have injectable filler injected into your tear trough to make the bag less noticeable, although this is not permanent and can be risky.  

Have you gone back to that doctor, or seen any other doctor for a consultation about your eyes?
@jill i actually had went to see a PS about sum lipo & he recommended that he thought i shud do something with my eyes im not sure f its fat or more just loose skin underneath my eye then lately ive been noticing skin on my upper eye not so fresh looking.. So i was just wondering
You should post some pics and ask in our Doctor Q&A and you might get some feedback.  Probably the best thing to do would be to find some reputable board certified plastic surgeons in your area who have positive eyelid reviews and go for a consultation or two.  
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