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My jawline was just beginning to show age 18...

My jawline was just beginning to show age 18 months ago so I had 2 treatments. The stinging pain was excruciating. My jawline is absolutely horrible now because I believe I didn't have enough underlying tissue to begin with so now I've aged over 10 years. The skin was smooth but a little loose to begin with and now it's rough, wrinkled, and more loose.


I am 56 years old and weight 100 lbs. I had three full face Titan procedures. I had a full young looking face with just a bit of sagging and wanted to look better, as anyone does. Well, I got an instant quick lift after the first one, and after the 2nd & 3rd procedure my face had become hollow and I swear I became 10 to 15 years older looking. I'm totally sick about it. The only reason some people may think it works is probably because they are fat to begin with and they just had the fat burned off their face and therefore they think they look better. I used to have men as young as in their 20's checking me out all the time and hitting on me, but not even a glance anymore. Don't do it, it only works on fat people.
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I hear this about the Titan a lot - that the results are wildly variable and that often it just destroys the skin and the fat underneath the skin causing you to age much more quickly.
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the notion that you look worse is unfathomably impossible, do you work for a competitor?
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