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Titan Did What Was Promised

I am in my early 40's, wanted to tighten up my...

I am in my early 40's, wanted to tighten up my jawline and get rid of the slight droop of jowls I was just starting to see as that really bothered me.

I had Titan done one time on the lower half of my face and along jawline - I saw an improvement in my skin at the start but 6 months afterwards, I have no more droop/pouch along my jawline and my lower cheeks (around mouth area) feel firmer and appears lifted. It easily took 5-7 years from my face, I pass for 35 again! That is what I wanted!

I'm very happy and plan to have another Titan treatment in two years as part of a maintenance package.


please tell us where you went. How many treatments, and cost of each, and where were your treatments (areas).
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