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I had titan done and all I got wre blisters! The...

I had titan done and all I got wre blisters! The procedure was painful and made no difference in my skin at all! The tech. who did it (not the doctor) said maybe it was up too high.  What a waste of money. DO NOT BELIEVE THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES FROM THESE COMPANIES!

The first treatment seemed fine. They told me that the more pain the more gain so I had it really hurting the second time. All it did was ruin my jawline and leave a burnmark on my cheek. I spent $4000. to age quickly.
I had it done 3 years ago and nothing happened!
I know that the Titan works.... After one treatment its hard to see any diference, It builds over time , It also takes about 6 months to get the full effect of a treatment. Regarding being too hot, That was the techs fault. Titan is very comfortable, and is a very effective way to titan the skin. You hae to emember that rome was nott built in a day. aand I also tell my patients that its not going to be perfect , but we can make it much better.
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