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Smart Lipo in Mexico - Not Worth It!

Mexican Clinic evaluated me and said that they...

Mexican Clinic evaluated me and said that they could give me the changes that I wanted to five areas.

They advertized local anestheia but gave me general. The surgery didn't start until late at night. I woke at 9:00 A.M. tethered to IV with a catheter in my bladder. No calling buzzer. No one came to see me until I started screaming "HALLOOO". They feed you only tiny packages of green jello. They do not let you out of your room. There were no windows, and I saw no signs of sprinkers. This is on the 6th floor of a building, so I don't know how anyone could get out in case of fire.

There was absolutely NO improvement in my body - no fat removal and no skin tightening. It was a total scam. The doctor seemed so nice and encouraqing, and the English speaking recruiter in San Diego seemed so helpful. They are totally unethical!

I as well had a Horrible experience with Dr.Lopez.. I also talked to Robyn and she made me feel comfortable with going there and having the procedure done... She told me she would be there.. Made me trust Dr.Lopez it was back in 2011 and I paid $10,000 dollars... Got to the clinic to find out she just rented a room in another doctors clinic, they gave me general anesthesia, Instead of local, I was left there all night alone before the procedure, in the morning I had the procedure done and when she came back later that day she was in a hurry for me to go back to the hotel my husband and kids were at waiting for me... I was in so much pain and couldn't even swallow from the tube they used to put the anesthesia... She promised to go see me the next morning to the hotel to see how I was doing, she never showed up, we tried calling her and she never answered my calls, same with Robyn, she never again answered my calls, she also gave me a huge gurdle that was so big on me and she said just buy one that fits u right when u get home... With Robyn being so nice and sweet on the phone and all the good comment I read before I went I felt comfortable going... After all the pain I went through and horrible scars she left me I had no changes at all.. That dr.lopez is a scam, including that Robyn
I had smart lipo done with Dr Lopez as well in Versalles in Tijuana, Mexico. I flew from London ... twice. It was an absolute waste of money (cant remember how much, it was back in 2009 or 2010 I think). Just goes to show how good her office was at marketing. Lots of (fake?) positive reviews from her convinced me to make the long journey. Buyer beware .. and I spent a good year researching too! While I was walking around in Mexico, the local doctors there were charging 1/3 her price!
Robin convinced me to go there and pay twice the $$ as the other docs in mexico because Dr lopez was much better then them, I was so sad and was impulsive. I believed Robin cared about me, so I believed her. and flew down to mexico a few days later not to find her there or any other english speaking people wich was mis info #1. Also a medical vehicle was to pick me up from the airport with a woman driver, instead 2 mexican men picked me up in a truck, The driver never looked at me and spoke no English. It was a scary ride to tijuana.
he next day, รต Robin there to help me and reassure me. After the operation the sweet nurse who speaks no english left me in the morning. The I was all alone. In a clinic where Dr Lopez rents space, but is not her clinic. I was left alone all day and night with out 1 english person to help me. I was in HORRIBLE pain and since noone checked on me, I was afraid I would have a complication and die and no one would know.
Now Robin wants me to go back and get revisions and get the work I paid for and was not given.
I am a mother of 3 with a full time job...I have no more time for "down time" I can't take off anymore time from work.
So sad...

I am so so sad I fell for this.
Dr. Lopez

I am not obese. The doctor assured me that she could give me the improvements I desired. Nothing changed. No wonder that I had no pain afterwards -- a few holes poked but very little bruising. This is a scam clinic and all the good reviews must be fake.

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