RealSelf Well I have finally begun my...


Well I have finally begun my documentation of my BBL journey. So here goes....

I have been interested in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift since forever! I had a breast augmentation done in 2004 and at that time I asked my doctor about increasing my butt size but he said I was fine. I should have pushed the issue more but didn't so all I had done at that time was the breast augmentation. In 2006 I had a tummy tuck done and again asked about the butt enlargement. Again it didn't happen.

Well now after 7 years I want my damn big butt!! Plus since my tummy tuck I've gained weight in my middle section so this is a perfect opportunity for me to kill two birds with one stone!! I also want to remove the fat from my chin ( which runs in my family - all the women on my mom's side have it whether they're skinny or not!!) and the extra fat from my underarms ( I've always had that extra piece of extra right at the crease). Since my weight gain of about 20 pounds over the years both my chin fat and underarm fat are more pronounces, so having these areas lipo'd will be fantastic!

I am 37 years old, 5'3" and currently weigh about 140-143 pounds. My measurements are 40-34-40. I've never had a skinny waistline or a butt. My butt is not big or full and I would like for my waist tiny and my butt wide and round. I would also like to replace my almost 10 year old implants and correct the asymmetry of my nipples.

I began my search for prices and doctors in my state to do the procedure but found that the cost exceeded my budget by $4k. As I continued my search, I found this website. And also learned of the many Americans traveling abroad to have their plastic surgeries! Who would have thought? Certainly not me :)

So, through RealSelf, I heard about several doctors in the Dominican Republic. I sent emails to Dra. Yily De Los Santos and Dra. Australia Fragoso Baez. Dra. Australia Fragoso Baez replied that she needed pics but never responded with a quote. Dra. Yily De Los Santos responded with a quote and she was quite quick with her responses. So I decided mentally that I would go with Dra. Yily De Los Santos.

Then.... I began talking to friends about my plans and most were cautious about my choice of country to have the surgery done. One of whom is Dominican herself! I was not too excited about hearing about what could go wrong.

So I began searching again. I heard of a doctor in Mexico through a YouTube video of one of his patients and I really liked her results and how she described her experiences. I wrote down the names she mentioned in the video and google him immediately. The pics of his offices compared to those in the Dominican Republic were the deciding factor for me. In addition, her video of her recovery room was completely modernized compared to those I've seen in the Dominican Republic. In addition, the patient in the video said the cost of the surgery included the recovery home expense. I would feel more at ease about going to his offices and the recovery house since I will be doing this all by myself.

So I sent an email to Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes in Tijuana, Mexico. I am hoping his quote fits my budget......


Welcome my BBL Sista !! Congratulations on your decision to have your surgery however, you need to confirm your date with Dr. YILY , you see she's pregnant and going on maternity leave , I'm having my surgery on her last day working which is Nov 18,2013. Just call to confirm don't take my work for it. Good luck .
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Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your doctor research, please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Can i tell u a secret? Shhhh dont tell nobody oh but girst welcome and congratulations but Dr. PANTOJA is the top bbl and TT n TJ!!!
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Retraction of my comments of the facilities in DR...

Retraction of my opinions of the facilities in DR...

After posting my initial review, I decided to continued research of the facilities in DR. I found some pics of the facilities (Surgery center, doctor's office, and recovery home) of some ladies who have had their surgeries don the DR and I would like to retract my I initial opinions posted in my last review. I think I'm letting my nerves get the best of me.

I have decided to stay with Dra. Yily De Los Santos for many reasons. 1) I love her work. The results as posted by other RealSelf members are axing! 2) her quote was exactly where I needed it to be to fit in my budget. 3) the cost of the flight to DR versus Mexico (via San Diego). 4) there just aren't too many reviews available for the other doctor to make a certain decision.

I'm still in the process of looking for a recovery house. Right now I'm leaning towards Angela's Silhouette's Recovery House. I still have to call to see exactly what her rates are and if she's available when I plan on traveling. But I'm hopeful :)

So Santo Domingo here I come.... I'm planning to arrive in DR on 11/22/13 with a sx date of 11/23, and returning home 12/2.

If anyone else will be traveling then, I would welcome a sx buddy!! It would be nice to recovery with a friendly soul and perhaps get a discounted rate on the recovery house rate and the surgery (if you're planning on seeing Dra. Yily).

Okay. I'm going to make some phone calls, go the the bank to get my money situated to buy my plane ticket and send my deposit to Dra. Yily.

My nerves though......


Hi thanks for the heads up! I sent her an email yesterday to advise her of my travel plans but after reading your comment, I'm going to call the office to confirm. Thanks again.

So here is what I'm working with...or not working with....

These are a few of the pics I sent with my request for a quote. My goal is to have a tiny waist, which I've never had in my life despite being thin, and a nice, full, round butt. The extra fat in my chin may not look like too much but it's always there no matter how much weight I lose. It's a family trait, as all the women on my mom's side of the family have it. I want it gone!!


Hi and good luck to you!
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Thank you :) good luck on your journey too!!

Some wish pics for the kinds of results I'm aiming for...

I've decided to upload some wish pics so I continually keep my eyes on the prize.

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Having to push my planned date ahead due to Dra. Yily's maternity leave

I sent Dra. Yily my travel and surgery dates last night. She responded this morning saying that her last day working before she goes on maternity leave is November 18th. I am scrambling to change my plans to work around my school assignments.

My updated planned dates are now October 4 through October 15. This is IF my ex will agree to watch our kid, IF Dra. Yily can perform the surgery on October 5, and IF I can secure a recovery house.

That's a lot of IF's!!! But I'm hoping I can make it work. Pushing the surgery ahead is actually great since I tend to get extremely nervous waiting!

Now I wait to see if my ex will agree then I'll send an email to Dra. Yily to confirm. My fingers will stay crossed.


Gd luck, I to am looking to have my sx nov 21-30, when kids on school break, wish I could go sooner,
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That wash exact an also but Dra. Yily will be on maternity leave at that time. Which doctor are you going to see?
Welcome sis I will be going to Yily on November 5th and staying for 2 weeks so I will just miss you by a week but I pray this journey is the best for the both of us!!! Good Luck hunti... Muah xoxo
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More before pics (this time clothed)

Decided to post some more before pics. I think I'm a pretty snazzy dresser but the lack of butt really does my outfits absolutely NO justice! I can't wait to have some junk in my trunk :)


Leaning toward duran or baez, either one can hook me up, anything would be better than what I have now. Lol
I'm waiting to get quotes from both. If their price is right I may change my dates back to nov 22 - dec 2. But we'll see..... I hear you though, I think I'm more excited about the skinny waist than the butt. But I really want a butt :)
That's exactly what I'm hoping for!! Thanks! I can't wait to have a butt! :)

Deposit sent.... Waiting for confirmation...

Well I sent my deposit to Dra. Yily this morning. I hope she can confirm November 18 for my surgery.

By the way, my a-hole ex said he will not allow our daughter to stay with him while I'm away. I am hoping my mom comes back to the states in time to watch her for me. \

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all the above...

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Plans are getting closer to being finalized...

Well I called Dra. Yily's office today and spoke with the lady who answered (who said she didn't speak English). So...yeah.... I busted out with some Spanish and she quickly switched to English to tell me to call in the morning and who to ask for. Lol. I told her "oh but you understood my bad Spanish, huh?" It was funny.

I've narrowed my recovery home search to three:

Angie has been going above and beyond already to help me get my date set. But her rates weren't the best compared to the two others. After I have my surgery date finalized, I will ask her if her rates are negotiable. I would love to give her my business if she's willing to match or come close to matching one of the others. We'll see though. One thing at a time.

That's all for today.

Oh..... My mom will be in the states at that time. So she will be able to stay at my house to take care of my daughter!

Until next time... xoxo

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YAYYYY!!!!! I'm confirmed for November 18th with Dra. Yily!!

I am beyond ecstatic, excited, elated and all of that!!!!
I am officially confirmed for November 18th to receive fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist, chin!!

I bought my plane ticket also. I've already ordered all of my supplies from,, and I'll be posting my list (which I must thank many of you ladies for sharing) in a future post.

Omg. My heart is pounding I'm so excited!

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The hunt for the best recovery house is on.....

I have received quotes from several recovery houses. I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck. I asked one if she's wiling to negotiate her rate to match another that I received. Not sure if she will but I figured I'd ask.

So as of now I'm not sure where I'll be staying.


Look into real recovery armonia. I stayed there after having my surgery with Yily and I was not disappointed! It's a beautiful condo, the doctor does your post op visits in house, and the staff goes above and beyond.Their info is in my review, but just ask me if you have more questions. You can check Sugah and MzTiny's reviews for their take on the RH too. MzNewNew stayed there while I was there but I'm not sure if she included that in her review.
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Yes I got a quote from RH Armonia. But because Dra. Yily sent me Angie's at Silhouette's RH info, I felt more at ease going with them. Also, Angie was able to help me by calling Samira directly to secure my November 18th surgery date. I already sent her the money for my stay. I'm so excited.
Trust me, the waist makes alllllllll the difference. It will change the way your clothes fit AND make your butt look bigger!

(Angie's) Silhouette's Recovery House it is.....

Dra. Yily recommended Angie's Silhouette's Recovery House, so I felt very at ease in my decision to book with her. But the determining factor was when (through my email inquiries about her rates and such) I told her that I was trying to get my surgery date confirmed. She asked me who my doctor was. I told her who and she said she could help me to get it confirmed. What a God-send she was!! I'm a pretty loyal, ride-or-die type chick and because the communication between she and I was so open, I felt good deciding to stay with her.

I sent her not only the deposit but the total amount. I hate carrying cash (for one) and I figured I better pay her now before I accidentally spent the money. I have a private room waiting for me and I can't wait to continue my walk on this journey.

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I Quit Smoking (Yay)

I quit smoking last Tuesday. To my surprise the first few days wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm thinking it's because I am very motivated to be as healthy as I can be for this surgery. I want to do everything that I am able to ensure I have a successful surgery without complications and speedy recovery. I don't want to leave anything to chance.

I started taking Chantix last Wednesday. I had about a month supply left over from when I quit earlier this year. I am also using an electronic cigarette (ecig) to help with my need to blow smoke. I did research on these ecigs to see if these were an acceptable substitution for real cigs and found that even the ecigs with nicotine will rob the blood of oxygen it needs. This is especially important to the anesthesiologist.
So I did more research and found a ecig company with great reviews that sells ecigs with ZERO NICOTINE.

I found this information about the smoking and surgery:

Smoking does two things in terms of the cardiovascular system that anesthesiologists area concerned about. First, smoking increases the amount of carbon monoxide attached to hemoglobin in the blood. This has the effect of decreasing oxygen supply. Carbon monoxide also makes the heart pump more poorly, also decreasing the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the body. Second, nicotine increases the amount of oxygen that the body needs. So, oxygen supply is being compromised at the same time that more oxygen is being utilized.

Smoking obviously also affects the lungs. Among other thigns, smoking causes an increase in the amount of mucus secreted while at the same time decreasing the ability of the lungs to clear these secretions. In addition, smoking causes the small airways in the lungs to be narrowed and more prone to collapse. The end result of these effects are an increased susceptibility to infection, chronic cough and increased chance of pulmonary complications. Lastly, smokers also have increased sensitivity to stimuli and increased bronchial reactivity, increasing the chance for bronchospasm and other life threatening pulmonary processes.

So between the Chantix and the non-nicotine ecigs, I can now say I am a non-smoker... at least for the past 6 days... Yay!! :)


It will be here before you know it. You'll have a perfect body for the holidays.
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Thanks!! I'm way too excited. I'm happy it will be wintertime to allow the layers to camoflouge the faja :(

Blood drawn today....

I just got back from getting blood drawn at USF Student Health Services. I'm so grateful that I have access to medical care because I'm a student and it's much, much cheaper than a walk-in clinic! The total cost was $63 for the following tests:

I'm not sure if these are the tests that Dra. Yily asked for (hemoglobin, creatinine, glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography). But I read the list off to my doctor and she marked the lab test sheet accordingly. So I'm thinking I'm good (minus the EKG).

I'm finally taking my pills (I've been fasting all day). I decided to take a pic of my meds. I might be going overboard with my vitamin regimen... :/

I've been taking the following vitamins daily:
-Vitamin C (1000 mg)
-Folic acid
-One A Day Women's Multi
-GNC Women's Iron Complete

I'm also taking meds:
-Lisinopril (for high blood pressure - in pic)
-Chantix (to quit smoking)
-Zyrtec (for allergies)

I've been using a daily pill organizer for years - Thank God it was big enough to accommodate the additional 5 pills!!

Until my next update!!


Congratulations on the smoking! Im happy for you!
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Thanks Hun!! I crave it like crazy still, especially in the car but the ecigs have helped with that.
Uw! But chew gum! That ecig is dangerous b careful!!!

Is there such a thing as getting too much plastic surgery?? Ummm no!!

Just the other day I was thinking about all the elective cosmetic procedures I've had done. I should find all my old pics and write a review in each of those procedures' message boards. Lol

Plastic surgery (well to me at least) end up being like tattoos - so very addictive!! Once you get that first one, you already start planning the next one!! My close friends already know that if I can afford someone to fix it, it's going to get fixed. Lol.

I started with a breast aug. Went back a couple years later for a tummy tuck. I've had a tattoo removed. I've tried to have a birthmark removed also. Just yesterday I had laser treatment to try to completely remove a birthmark. It's still way too early to see any results.

Now I'm only a month away from to DR and allowing Dra. Yily to give me a skinny waist and big ole wide butt. I'm even getting that pesky double chin taken care of!! How awesome is that?!?! This surgery will definitely be the one I'm most excited about!!

So the moral of this post: Nooooo! There is no such thing as too much plastic surgery!!!


Congrats on everything especially the Not smoking one!!!! Good luck on your journey!
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Just read your blog and Good Luck on your journey!
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Noooo!! The gum contains nicotine and that's the part that's harmful for surgery. The ecigs I bought have zero nicotine. I did a lot of research before I bought it. If there's anything dangerous about them, it's not anywhere close to the danger real cigs poses. But thanks for the concern :) I really liked smoking. I think it's the blowing smoke part that I liked the best. Lol

I just read a review that has me thinking twice about going with Dra. Yily :(

I have read several reviews from ladies who went to have their surgeries done by Dra. Yily but have woken up during surgery to see a man working on them. I even read one from another lady who said she asked Dra. Yily outright during her consultation and Dra. Yily responded with "I'm there during prep and cleanup". Okay. That sounds plausible. But how would one explain the numerous ladies (on this site alone) who've experienced seeing a man and not Dra. Yily performing their procedures?? I don't know. To make matters worse, Dra. Yily is roughly 7 months pregnant now. If she's having others "help" her now, what will this mean for me next month?? I want that tiny sculpted waist that I know Dra. Yily can give me.

I'm beginning to feel that I should have a backup plan.


Congrats on the stop smoking it can really be a problem with surgery. I remember with 1 girl that went to Yily she was smoking and ended up being a problem but ce out fabolous! A lot of ppl wake up during surgery, I did as well, but I seen Yily and also the guy every1 is talking about. All doctors have ppl assisting them in the OR. I love my overall body Yily did a fab job on me but I would be concerned about her being pregnant as well does she have enough energy to perform your surgery? Does she have enough strength to perform liposuction? Is she actually gonna do the surgery with the "man" assisting or is the man doing the surgery while she's assisting? Good luck on your decision and to find out a lot more about your doc in Mexico Fungtes go to makemeheal I remember a lot of woman was going to him couple of years back
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Thank you for that!! I've been a smoker for such a long time and it wasn't until the end of last year that I finally decided that I don't want to smoke anymore. This is my second (and hopefully last) attempt at quitting. I'm still doing great. No cigarettes in 8 days!!
Thank you so much!! This is so exciting!

Reminder to self: keep phone in airplane mode and have everyone's phone number and address handy

Note to self (and possibly others) :

I need to remember to make a list (like a real list with pen and paper) of all my contacts in DR. And to program all of it into my phone. I don't want to end up lost in Dr with no cellular service and no idea who to call or where to go.

May seem very obvious but I've become so reliant to having internet access that I tend to forget how it is whenever I go to the islands. Being that I am West Indian, I know how it is to not have internet service when I leave my moms house.

I keep my phone in Airplane mode the entire time I'm visiting so that I don't incur any roaming charges.


There's no need to be scared. I believe in faith if it's the Lord's will we will both be fine. I've heard numerous of stories as well and not just about Yilys assistant about Duran male assistant too but that just assures us that all doctors has assistants getting them. You'll be fine because the last of the ladies looks absolutely like a Yily Goddess! Her Tiny waist signature is written all over their curves. Let me find out anxiety is starting to kick in...lbs. Under no circumstances do I or will I ever under estimate her pregnant or not.....Muah xoxo
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Thank you so much!! I really needed to hear that!! And you're right! The lays few who've shared pics have had bangin bodies!! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled on everyone's blogs who posts about there sx with Dra. Yily between now and my sx date - yours included!!
Omg!!! Yes I think I'm getting anxious about this whole thing!! Lord....! Lol

Correction to my second thoughts post

Correction to my second thoughts post:
Dra. Yily responded that she is NOT there for prep and cleanup.

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My theory about the Yily scandal

My theory about the Yily scandal is that the ladies begin waking up during the cleanup process and assume they're being worked on by that man. I read one lady's review that said during recovery immediately after sx she awoke and passed out twice, saying she didn't know how long she was out but she had weird dreams and such. Her hubby said she was only out for like 30 secs. So it could be that these ladies are waking during that time period when clean up is being done and when the anesthesiologist begins the process of "waking"us. Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Lol

I'm sticking with Dra. Yily! Thank you to all the ladies who have encouraged me to stay in prayer through this pang of anxiety.

Smooches xx


Hi hun a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on QUITING SMOKING it's a big step and not an easy task for many but your on the right path especially with your sx coming up soon so best to be on the healthy side so that you have a successful sx and speedy recovery.. God Bless You. Now I know what you meant by being nervous and on one of your comments to a sister on here (: will keep you in my prayers same way I keep rest of the sisters here in my prayers... Also, Dra Yily is a great surgeon I am sure you will be in great hands.. Keep the faith and pray all goes well.. Cant wait to see your results...x
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Thank you!!! It's been a lot easier than I imagined it would but I'm very motivated to stay healthy for this surgery!! Prayer is powerful!! Thank you tremendously for your kind words. But seriously though.... In exactly 5 weeks, I'll have a tiny waist and a big ole ass!! Lol I'm beyond excited!!
Good theory, I like it LOL!
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I've been diligently working on my schoolwork....

I'm a fulltime student and this trip will have me missing one week from my classes. During the time I'm gone I will have 2 assignments deadlines. So my plan is to have both assignments complete before I leave. Then 3 more due the week after I return!! Not to mention a final exam. Needless to say, I am stressing a little, but I need to stay on top of everything. Getting a bad grade is not an option.

All your kind words and well wishes have been appreciated. xoxoxo :)


Stay focused Doll and good look on everything!
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CallMeDushi & Newme5498...u can call it theory, I call it reality!!! As a surgical tech I c this happen on a daily basis. Remember, the doctors are there to perform the surgery they leave the prep & clean up to others. Usually, the prep is executed by the tech and the clean is done by the assistant and/or tech. I can't say I'm 100% cuz I'm not in her room but I'm telling you what my experience has been from a surgical tech point of view. I hope this eases ur mind:) And I'm looking forward to seeing ur results!!!
Thanks!!! :)

Bloodwork results in....

I got my bloodwork results today. Yay!! Hemoglobin checked in at a whopping 13.5!!! And that's before I started doubling up in the iron. I take ALL of my vitamins religiously. So I'm hoping my levels stay where they are. My triglycerides were high too. Which means I need to watch my fat intake. Other than those two issues, everything checks out fine.

My doctor did not give me any of the postop prescriptions from Dra. Yily's list. I asked for the percocets and she refused to give me that also. Oh well. I have a friend who said she'll give me a bottle that she hasn't used. At least I'll have them. Lord knows I don't want to feel any paid during my recovery.

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On my grind to get my all my schoolwork done before Nov 17

Between now and Nov 17, I have 5 assignments due. While I'm in DR getting my surgery and recovering, I have another one due. Then when I get back home, I'll have another 3 projects due AND a final exam. My goal is to have ALL 9 project completed before I leave for DR, I don't want to have to deal with schoolwork if I can help it. This is causing me to have a lot of stress and anxiety though. But I'm so excited for this surgery that I'm willing to do what it takes so that I can just concentrate on recovering when I get back home. So I'm going to keep my head in these books and knock these projects out one at a time.


Thank you!!! I'm trying to keep everything in check. I have 10 million lists going at once!! Lol but I'm managing. Soon to be Yily Doll!!! Omg!! I can't wait!

Update on my stats....

As of today my stats are:

Weight: 147.2 (I've gained about 7 pounds since my first post)
Bust: 40
Waist: 35
Hips: 39

I'm hoping my waist can get down to 26 after I've healed. I'm definitely going to try to keep my faja on as long as I can stand the compression. I bought a size xs hoping this is the size I'll fit after surgery. If not, I'll buy one in DR and hopefully transition into the smaller one. I've had a size s squeem since last year so I'll use it over my faja as long as it's providing extra compression. I really want a tiny waist and I really need it to stay tiny. My mom needs to teach me how to use a sewing machine so I can take in my garments when I need to.

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How'd my butt get flatter....? -___-

Lol!!! So I've been trying to put on a few pounds so I have plenty of fat to transfer to my butt. I haven't been eating excessively because I don't want to stretch my stomach. But I just got done measuring'd my butt get flatter?!?!?! Lol I completely agreed with the waist measurement, I mean it was expected, but really? I lose some of my non-butt meat. This is why I'm soooooo ready for Nov18!! I've been wanting a butt since I was in high school and I'm finally going to get one!! Yay!!


Your day is right around the corner! I'm scheduled on Friday. Soo nervous.
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Omg!! That's so great. Don't be nervous. Take deep slow breaths!! You got this!!
It will all be over soon... Lol!
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20 days and I'll be in DR....

I'm beginning to feel the pressure of anxiety but I'm keeping myself focused on schoolwork to distract me. - BTW it's working :) - I have purposely NOT packed my suitcase because I know once I do, complete BBL obsession and everything related to BBLs will ensue. I have too many assignments to finish up within the next 20 days that I cannot purposely distract myself.

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I still haven't told my mom...

My mom is the single most important person in my life, outside of my children, and she still thinks I'm just going on a "vacation". I haven't told her anything as yet. But I can't in good conscious leave the country to have major elective surgery and not tell her.

I plan on telling her before I leave. The only downfall is the timing if it all. I don't want to tell her too early and I don't want to tell her over the phone either. My parents live out of the country and she won't arrive in the US until the Saturday evening before my trip. This will be my only opportunity to tell her and I have to. I've had no problems telling any of my gal or guy friends, so I should be honest with her too. My mom is a huge worry-wart and I hope she's able to respect my decision enough not to worry too much.


I know it's tough to break the news to the ones you love because more than likely they won't understand the need to transform your body. Tell mom as soon as u can.
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My mom is the same way! I told her about my 2 previous surgeries and she freak out and got over it. She doesn't know about this one because I think it would put her over the edge. Good mothers will always love and be concerned for their children.
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How many ladies are confirmed with Dra. Yily for November 18th?

I just got off the phone with Yira. She assured me that right now there are only 3 ladies scheduled for surgery on November 18th. How many ladies are confirmed with Dra. Yily for November 18th?

I have been chatting with 2 ladies on RealSelf and have learned that there are 4 scheduled on Nov18 (me, Soloact, Improved and her friend); and that there is also possibility of 2 more (Cubanitadulce and Beautiful16). The last two have not been quite active and I'm not sure if their plans are still on or not.

I am glad I called the office and confirmed that I am definitely on the schedule!!


Good luck telling mama about your decision to have sx and hope she can understand and respect your decision. But, no matter how old we are parents will always worry about they're children... if it will give you peace of mind then tell her this way she will keep you in her prayers which is important... My mom worries oh so much but in my case she is sick and has a weak heart so I wont be telling my mom about my sx and worry her pretty lil' head.. will tell her after.. You will be fine love Best of luck and God Bless You x..
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I will also be a YillyDoll team Yily yayay
I'm definitely leaning towards not telling her. It would give me peace of mind to know she's not worrying about me.

Pics of Angie's Silhouette's Recovery House... & Continued Excitement... :)

I am sharing pictures I received from Angie's Silhouette's Recovery House. She was referred to my by Dra. Yily De Los Santos, so I feel extremely comfortable that I have made a good decision and will be well cared for. I'm not sure if I am able to share her email publicly on my blog, but if you want it, please send me a message.

I am getting more and more excited as each day passes....!!! I can't believe I'm less than 3 weeks from having a tiny waist and a big ole booty!!! LOL :)

The first thing I'm going to do once I've recovered from the swelling is to try on EVERY LAST piece of clothing in my wardrobe. Anything that does not fit will be donated and then..... the SHOPPING will commence!!


Ill also be at silhouette n I'll be there in 6 days! As for Mimi dealt with same anxiety but all sent better than I thought - like some dolls suggested give it to her like this- mom I love you n telling u this out of respect for you and while u may have your own thoughts on this didn't want to hide it from you because I'm counting on your support... I will soon undergo a procedure.. Something like that u know? Let me know how it goes!
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I keep flip flopping back and forth with telling my mom. I'm going to just go with my gut when I see her. Wow!!!! 6 days for you... I know you are so excited :) I'm so happy for you!! Cant wait to see you on the other side :)
LOL! I had to update you. My mom wants me to visit her this weekend. I told her that I haven't been feeling myself and I need to stay home and rest. Now she thinks I'm pregnant. I'd rather her think that instead hearing her mouth about me getting another surgery. She says I shouldn't waste my money when God gave me a perfectly good body. She doesn't get it! Lol

Postop lymphatic drainage massages....

I've been researching local spots that are certified to do lymphatic drainage massages. I plan on getting them daily while I'm in DR because the price for the massages there are (as I'm finding out) only a fraction of the cost here in my area. So far the best deal on a package that I've found was 6 for $300 ($50 each). I'm still waiting on some more quotes.

I definitely plan on getting these massages after I return to the states because I want to do all I can to ensure a smooth recovery. In doing my research, I have been reading that getting at least one lymphatic drainage massage would be beneficial to having a shorter recovery. Hey--like I said--anything I can do to help ensure success, I'm going to do. And besides, what lady doesn't love to have their entire body massaged?!?! ;) it actually sounds like a great way to prepare for surgery. I was planning in my usual mani/pedi but this massage added to the mix sounds just lovely......


Good Luck!
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More shopping....

I just got back from doing the last not of shopping for my upcoming trip :) I will be posting my list once I've been able to get an inventory of it all. I will say that I still want to get a few more things from my list. Calendula tea (has all kinds of great healing properties), applesauce, crackers and tank tops. Then I'm all set.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.



Just got back from doing the last "bit" of shopping......


Ill be staying with Angie too my surgery is nov 19th... see ya soon sistah
  • Reply
Oh good!! I've been in contact with other ladies who will be flying down same day and same flight as me but they are all staying somewhere else. You're the first I've been in contact with stating at Angie's the same time as me. I look forward to meeting you. When are you flying down?
Thank you so much @SweetThang!! :)

Free Nursing Pillow (not Bobby brand but same thing)....

I am sharing this website and promo code with you ladies who love a bargain :)
Thanks to another BBL doll for sharing this. The pillow is free after the $40 discount. You only need to pay for the $12.95 shipping..

Go to, choose your pillow, and at checkout enter promo code (in all caps) FAMILY2013.

Yay!! I just ordered mine.


CMD!!!! I'm stopping by your page mama showing you some love!! I'm checking you out. I will be following your journey
  • Reply
Thank you Nuchelle :) but ummmm what does cmd stand for?? Two weeks from today I'll be under the knife. I'm getting nervous.... :) 
CMD=(C)all(M)e(D)ushi, lol!!! Your name girlie:) But just wanted to say good luck and don't be nervous. I promise that its not so bad. After the blue pill, you just fall right asleep like a big baby, lol!

How Much is Nurse to Stay With You at CIPLA Overnight.....?

I want to get a nurse to stay with me at CIPLA. Can some of you veterans tell me what the rate is for a nurse to stay with me the night I get out of surgery? I'm thinking it's going to be around $50.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


OMG!!! 13 days away....!!!!

I cannot believe how fast time has past. I'm down to only 13 days until my surgery. I've thought long and hard about what I'm going to tell Dra. Yily that I want. I don't want to give her any wish pics because we all have unique body shapes. I do know that I want her to lipo the heck out of my waist, flanks, abdomen (lower and upper), back, arms, and armpit. I don't want to feel anything but skin and muscle on my upper body when I leave Santo Domingo (LOL). The only things that should be jiggling are my empty pockets and big ole booty :) I want the indentations on the sides of my butt to be filled in. This will even out how my hips look from the front. I want a nice slope from my back to my booty and I want my butt to be filled in to a size that is proportionate to my body. I'm not looking for anything too big to make me look abnormal but I definitely want to have a noticeably beautiful BO0OOTTTAAAYYY!! LOL!! I'm hoping once my waist is slimmed down my natural hips will be accentuated and the fat grafting to the butt will be easy for her, which I'm sure it will be - she is the Queen of Sculpting .... :)


mine is nov 12th hopefully I can get to meet you. I might be staying at Daisy recovery house or ARMONIA still deciding
  • Reply
Awesome!! How exciting... you only have 7 days left!! I'll be in DR on Nov17.  I'm staying at Silhouette RH.  I'm so excited :)
Praying for you love & believe in God cause he will look out for you all the way. You will be just fine you, will go in have your sx wakeup Yilyfied and have a smooth recovery remember when your in pain ..Just think "Pain & Swollenness" is the ne Sexy yayayay xxx
  • Reply

Procedures planned...

I plan on getting the following procedures: fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, arms, back, flanks, waist, and chin.

I am considering a BL without an implant, but I asked to see more pics of her work before I decide. But I think I'm leaning more towards holding off on the BL. I really don't want to have to lay on my back and lose any volume in the bootay.... that is the whole point of the BBL.... :)

If my hemoglobin is holding steady from the last time I got it checked, I should be good to go. I need to schedule my preop lymphatic drainage massage soon. I only have 2 more weeks to get everything done!!


Love the review
  • Reply
Awwwww thank you prettygir :)
Girl I am LMAO at your profile pic - I LOVE LOVE IT LMFAO ...Your "boyfriend is gonna be so p**sed with his sad I messed up self" after he sees your hot yily body LMAO ....I am soooooo excited for ya chica!!! Team Yily Here we come!!!! :D
  • Reply

Soon there will be no more tooting...

The things we do to make our bodies seem curvier than it really is.... Taking pic after pic after pic....just to get the perfect angle that kinda makes you look like your butt isn't as flat as it really is.... Smh.... I'm tired of that. Done it for the past 37 years. But no more!! Soon there will be no more tooting of the mini butt


LMAO!!! I'm cracking up over here. I never knew it was called tooting but I used to do it all the time. Actually I even do it with the new booty because I don't know how else to stand lol
  • Reply
Don't quote me in that correctness of the term but it sounds good nonetheless :) LOL!! I am not opposed to tooting my booty once it's all filled up, at least then it'll look good :) 
Love your review! I cannot agree more with your comment on plastic surgery being addictive! It absolutely is. I will hopefully be scheduling my BBL with Dr Jimerson in ATL very soon...but in the meantime I'll be having a Tip Plasty - correction to the tip of my nose- later this month. And definitely want to have some work done next year with Dr. Yily... Please continue your posts and pics! Best of luck to you!!
  • Reply

OMG!!! 10 more days!!!!!

I can't believe I'm down to only 10 more days. At first it seemed as if time was stuck in mud. Now I just don't seem to have enough time to do everything I need to do. I'm running on very little sleep at the moment. I have 2 more assignments to do. Then anothe 2 almost immediately after I get back. Im still stressing but I'm managing... somehow....


I know your excited!!!! Good luck you'll be fine :))) post a ton of pics!!:) your gonna look amazing
  • Reply
Ur time is coming soon u will be a Yily doll!!!!
  • Reply
OMG seriously this time next week you will be flying out and I will still be trynna pack.... I need to NOT be on this site now.. because it makes me ANXIOUS!!!
  • Reply

Yeah I'm pretty much freakung out....

OMG ladies!!! I've been so busy doing my assignments but PRAISE GOD!! I've completed all but 2 - only one of which is due before I leave. But the other one is a pretty big one so I'd like to get started on it.

Anyways, I've been stressing so bad about getting my assignments done that I've actually list the weight I've put on. I'm not sure where I am exactly but that's causing me to freak out too. So I decided to make sure I stuff my face all week to try to gain some weight back. I made cupcakes today and tried to eat two if them in one sitting. Yeah.... no... not happening.... I felt like I was going to vomit halfway through the 2nd one. I need to eat more often not necessarily a lot. So I'll eat a cupcake in between meals. Thank God I bought these cheeseburgers from SAMs club because they are 510 calories each!! Then I add bacon, another 70 and if course a Coke at every meal, 140. If I so this everyday, I hope I see something by Thursday.

Other than all that I'm trying to keep myself from getting too anxious about it all. I wish I were more excited. And I'm sure I would be if I didn't have all this other stuff. Hopefully I can have one project done by Thursday then I can have 3 days to finalize my packing.

Pray for me ladies.



Thank you so much!!!! My nerves have been bad the past few days!! I'm trying real hard not to freak out but yeah.. no.. Lol
Yes it is!!!! Thank you :) your comment made me get excited again!!!
I think that's why I've been staying away for the past 5 days.... I don't need to get anymore nervous than I already am!!

Obviously I know nothin about Kung fu....

Yeah... yeah.... typos will be the death of me one day...

...I'm pretty much "freaking" out....


Good Luck & many Blessings! Yily has a masseuse who charges £31 per session a total of 10 sessions equals $310 a lot more for your money..if you stay @ Angie's her masseuse charges $25 each $250 for 10 not a bad deal! Best of luck hun x
  • Reply
4 more days and you'll be a changed woman.. Yayy!!...
  • Reply
Omggggg...... im overly freaked.... I need a xanax....
  • Reply

Omg!!!! 3 more days!!!!

Omg!!!! 3 more days until my surgery!!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by.... 2 more days and I'll be on a plane to Santo Domingo!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Sh!t. Is. Getting. So. Frikken. Real.

I think I'm pretty much ready though. By bags are packed. I've gotten my money out of the bank. They gave me mostly 50's so I'm not happy about that. But oh well. Money is money.

My suitcase looks over packed but I have to remind myself it's those packages of maxi pads and the disposable wipes. I got 1-gallon storage bags to put supplies in. I think I'm good in regards to my suitcase and its contents.

I'm not taking all those bottles of vitamins and such with me. I'm filling a 21-day supply of vitamins in a pill organizer and taking that with me. I'll take a list of strengths and such in a notebook in case I need the info. I have to save room where I can, right??

I'm bringing a few dresses. leggings, and colored tank tops. I have a nightgown and a robe but that's pretty much it in regards to clothes. I figure I won't be wearing or needing clothes too much during recovery. I don't plan on leaving the RH too much. But when I do, my choice is a dress or some leggings. **Note to self: I need to remember to pack some sandals. :)

I'm taking old panties for my recovery. I figured I'll be oozing bodily fluids firing my recovery anyways. There's no point in messing up my new stuff. Right!!? LOL :) I'll just toss 'em before I return. Hopefully I'll be able to fit everything in one suitcase for the flight home. I don't want to have to handle too many pieces of luggage on my way home.

I still have 2 more assignments to complete. One due in 3 days!! The other on dec 1. I figure I can work on it in DR. I really didn't want to but I guess I have no choice. I'll need to take my laptop for sure now. I didn't want to take it with me but I need to get my work done.... :/

Anywhooooo, I've been on edge the past few days because of my nerves. I've been popping my Xanax so much more frequently these past couple weeks. I can't believe how nervous I'm getting! I've even had to distances self from realself for a bit. But for some reason I'm still getting play-by-play updates from a friend. LOL!! I can't seem to stay away. I've been on lurk mode but very little lately. But it's mostly due to not having enough time.

I'm excited. Scared. Nervous. Anxious. But mostly thinking if it's possible to have that waist I want... the possibility gets me all giddy ;)

To my hunny Curvaceousme who is getting her sx with Dra. Yily today, I wish you list of luck and a fabulous surgery!! I'm keeping you in my prayers today. :*

To all you other ladies, have a blessed Friday :) xoxoxo


Heyyy my date was originally on the 12th...but my hemo dropped so I go nsvk and get it checked tomorrow. If its high enough I will have surgery on the 18th too. (W/Duran)
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Heyyy :) I wish you lots of luck!! Did they give you anything to get your hemo up?? I got mine checked at the beginning of Oct and it was at 13.5. I've doubled up on my iron and vitamin C since then. So I hope I'm still good. I need it to be high because I want every last bit of fat sucked out of my upper body gone!! I hope everything goes as planned :)
thanks hun :) I am staying with Angie and getting my massages with her lady. Thanks so much for your support :P

My list of stuff for my "vacation"...

Well, I think I'm completely packed except for the stuff I'm using (like makeup and my computer). Here is my complete list. Well I'm pretty sure this is everything I have packed in my suitcase. I really hope I'm not taking too much, I have a tendency to always overpack…. :/

Anyways, enjoy the list.

In my carry on…..

Snacks -
Calendula tea (anti-inflammatory)

Personal items -
Book (1 for pleasure, another for school)
Folder with printed emails and blood results
Laptop & charger
Phone charger
Scarf (to hide chin lipo garment when travelling)
Antibacterial hand sanitizer
Sleep mask
Ear plugs

In my suitcase

Vitamins & Meds (3 week supply in pill organizer) -
Folic acid (800 mcg)
Iron (65 mg) twice a day
Super B complex
B12 (1000 mcg)
Vitamin C (1000mg)
GNC women's iron complete
One a Day women's vitamin
Bromelain (300 mg) twice a day for swelling
Pain meds, muscle relaxers, xanax

Personal items -
Bedroom slippers (soft ones)
Bra (2)
Dresses (3)
Flip flops
Jumpsuit (to travel)
Leggings (3)
Panties (8 old ones, 1 sexy one)
Sneakers (to travel)
Socks (4)
Tank tops (8)

Toiletries -
Antibacterial body wash
Antibacterial hand sanitizer
Bug spray
Disposable washclothes
Feminine wipes
Makeup remover
Tampons (just in case)
Toothbrush holder
Travel bottles (for shampoo, conditioner, lotion)

Medical Supplies -
Anti itch cream
Anti nausea
Antibacterial pain spray
Antibacterial soap
Arnica cream (for bruising)
Bacitracin (for staph infections)
Blood pressure machine
Bobby pillow
Bromelain pills (for swelling)
Cotton balls
Digital themometer
Doggie pads
Funnel (to pee)
Heating pad
Maxi Pads
Medical Tape
Stool softener
Tape measure
Throat spray
Travel bottles (for alcohol, hydrogen peroxide)

For compression -
Abdomen board
Chin compression strap
Compression band
Compression garment
Compression sleeves
Compression socks - knee high
Compression socks - thigh high
Triangle back board


So excited for you. Hopefully I get to see you when I get my checkup on Monday.
  • Reply
Thank you :) That would be super cool to meet you there on Monday…. I'm excited but still very nervous!!

Updated "before" pics…..

I have removed most of my before pics. I haven't been doing too great with my weight gain and I was able to remove my tattoos with the app on my home computer…..

So here you are, my new "before" pics minus tattoos. This is what Dra. Yily has to work with….


It's your time babe and I'm so very excited for you!!!! I'm right behind ya...Good Luck!!
  • Reply
Hey RS Chica, Yily is gonna hook you up. You have a nice frame to begin with and when she gets done...Wow, I just know you are gonna be stunning!!! Well wishes and prayers to you. Happy, healthy and speedy recovery. Keep us updated!
  • Reply
I am so excited for you, i know you cant wait! I cant wait to see what yily does for you. My appt is in feb. And were almost the same size so i am looking forward to your results!! Blessings to a safe trip and speedy recovery! Keep us posted...are you still getting your chin done?
  • Reply

Oh wow!!!! 2 more days!!

Oh my goodness!! 2 more days til surgery. I'll be at the airport at 4am tomorrow morning. Getting frazzled over here. I still have a paper to write. And I need to arrange my transportation to/from airport also. Wish I had a hunny to see me off but no. Anyway.

Have a fabulous Saturday ladies. Blessings (muah) xoxoxo


I can't wait to meet you in ATL in the morning sis! We're Officially hours away from becoming Yily Dolls!!!! I have total faith that we're gonna be Fine&Fabulous!!! God is in the Drivers Seat Sis, let's just sit back and enjoy the ride
  • Reply
Heyyyyyyy!!!! :) I'll be in ATL in 5 hours!!! Can you believe it??? We're almost there!! Come monday we are going to be supa dupa flyyyyy!!!!
your time has come ms lady!!!can't wait to see it!!! I have a feeling your results are gonna be killing em'. have a safe trip
  • Reply

Me I'm Supa Fly…. Supa Dupa Fly...

Wow!!! I am ready!! Waiting for the shuttle van to pick me up to take me to the airport. Im basically pulling an all-nighter. I got my dough strapped to my body and my angels all around me.

I spent the weekend watching my son and his high school football team win the regional quarterfinals for the first time EVER in the school's history. My baby even scored a touchdown - and he's on defense but they use him on O because he's super strong and powerful - he clears a nice path for the running backs…. Then I went to the movies with my girlfriends. We went and saw the Best Man Holiday - GREAT movie, but be ready to cry ladies…. Then tonight, I had a nice send off at my girls house. Her people cooked aki and salt fish, rice and peas, dumpling, sweet potato, banana, plantains, stew peas and beef, ox tail, and pumpkin. I ate like the Queen I am!!

I feel good, positive, and at peace with my decision to do this. My Daddy (God) got my back. I feel it :)

Ladies be blessed and I'll probably update again at the airport…. LOL

SN: I did not finish the assignment that is due on 11/17 by 11:59pm, but I'm going to knock that one out tomorrow sometime during the day.

Continue to bless me with your prayers :)


Praying for traveling grace!!! Let us know when you touch down in bootyland!!!
  • Reply
Hey girl, You are finally going to be yilyfied yaaay...Im soo excited for you and a speedy recoveryy..xoxo
  • Reply
Amen AmenAmen!!! I like that! When He is in the drivers seat, there is nothing left to do.....but sit back and enjoy! very well said! God bless you both and well wishes and prayers to both of you!!!

Made in to Atlanta airport....

Landed a few minutes ago in Atlanta. Got to my gate. Now waiting to go to DR. I'm super sleepy though. I slept the whole plane ride on my first leg of the trip. I'm in desperate need if coffee right now. But I'm too tired to walk back down to where the food it. I have time if I change my mind....

Anyway. I got to weigh myself at publix last night. I'm weighed in at 144 pounds. Pretty much where I started. But I'm okay with that. I know Dra. Yily will hook me up :)

I'm so tired but I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here's wishing you a safe surgery and speedy recovery.
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I'm excited for you!!! The best to you and your new body!!
  • Reply
have a safe trip and a speedy recovery!! Cant wait to see the new you :)
  • Reply

Made it to DR.....

There was something wrong with the plane so we had to get off and wait for another plane. I only arrived one hour late, it was all good. The flight to DR was great. I slept most of the way, then woke up and had two cups of coffee. But let me back track just a tad. In ATL I met up with soloact :) and her daughter. She's super sweet. Tomorrow will be a trip man. I also met two other ladies who are also scheduled with Yily who were sitting in the row behind me. As we were chatting about BBL's and such, the lady in the row behind them overheard our convo and joined in because she just so happens to be going to DR for surgery too!! So a total of 5 chicks on the same plane going to DR for surgery. I thought that was too cute. I kept saying how this feels like we're going to camp because we were all waiting on one another as we passed each checkpoint. It was nice arriving with other's in your same situation. As I was walking down the ramp going towards the exit, I felt like a movie star with paparazzi all around..LOL.

Three of the girls were going to the same RH so they found their ride immediately. Me and another lady were both going to 2 other RH and we decided we were not going to leave each other alone. Angie from Silhouette found me almost immediately and she was so super nice. Greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek like all my island people do when we see each other. Angie was so awesome, she called the other RH to see where they were and waited until they got there. So awesome. But she's always been awesome from my dealings with her.

DR is very hot and humid. It reminds me a lot of my country except DR is so much bigger. I love island life. Everything about it I love. I feel comfortable here.

So anyway, I get in the car with Angie and her hubby and head to wherever we’re going…. you know I don’t know where we’re going…

So I get to the RH and it’s a really nice condo on top floor (7th) of the building. It’s gated and there’s an elevator (thank God)!! I meet the one other girl who’s been here since last week and the aide/assistant Gleicys (who does not speak English). We all chit chat for a bit. I just love the home town feel of this. It’s right up my alley and what I’m all about. I like it so far. So right now there’s only 2 of us here and the aide. My homey LeslieMosko will be here tomorrow. Yay!! I already can tell that she and I will be in here having fun J

Gleicys brings me a banana smoothy. Let me tell you, I am not a picky eater (in the least) I will eat just about anything that I’m served. But I had trepidations about the banana thing because I do have an issue with banana flavored stuff (weird I know) but like I said I don’t refuse food from the people who will be taking care of me while I’m at my weakest. That smoothie (OMG) was so durn good!! Delish!! I don’t bite the hand that feeds me so I will stay humble and let my blessings keep coming my way.

After that me and Angie chit chat about what I need to take with me to CIPLA, I came prepared with a notepad and pen so I wrote everything down. I unpacked my bags, and Gleicys brought me dinner (a huge salad and chicken breast). I finished putting my stuff up, hung my clothes up, ate, then showered. I wanted to have all my homecoming tasks completed before I sat down to write this paper.

Right when I was about to get started writing, my daughter facetime’s me. I talk to her and my mom for a minute. And my nosey mom tells me to wave my phone around the room so she can see where I’m at. LOL!! She didn’t know until this morning that I was leaving the country!! I’m keeping my secret until she figures it out!!

Well I am finally done with my paper, which is the only reason I’m on RS updating….. I made a video I’ll try to post it.

I had my last glass of water at 9:45 so that’s it for me. Dra. Yily says NO LIQUIDS from 10 pm the night before. Every doctor is different. I chose Dra. Yily, so I’m going to do as she says!! Yes maam type ish!!

Anyway, it’s just past midnight here, I’m going to lay down and close my eyes. I have to be up super early to get to CIPLA in the AM. I will take my phone, so hopefully I can give you guys some more updates.

Oh, I exchanged my cash at the window that is right next to the tourist $10 tax window. The rate was $1 to 42.20 pesos. Straight up, no extra fee or charge. So pass the first one you see and change your money (if you want to) at that window to the right of the tourist tax window.

Smooches ladies….
Until tomorrow


Sry kind of new to this best wishes..good luck and keep positive eveything will be in gods hands..good luck!!
  • Reply
How about your stuff when you go for surgery I'm complete lost where do you put them
  • Reply
Wishing you a very safe surgery and speedy recovery! May god bless you tomorrow, tomorrow is your day yay!!!! good luck my love!
  • Reply

I'm here at cipla :)

Got here a little after 7:15. Traffic was crazy!!! But I'm good :) met up with the girls from the airplane and another 2 in the office.

Yira is a sweety. My girl Angie is sitting with me waiting the whole time.

I'm excited but more anxious about what's going to happen next. I've have my blood drawn and now waiting for the cardiologist.

I'll update again when something more exciting than waiting is happening :)

To idles ladies (Muahh)


I'm happy Angie taking good care of you . That's a blessing . Very happy 4 you. Blessings on your big day! You will look incredible!! :)
  • Reply
How exciting!!! Your new body is just hours away!!
  • Reply
Yay you made it honey...very nice pic of DR you manage to take from the Plane.. Best wishes and God Bless.. x
  • Reply

Still no surgery for me.....

Because I take meds for my high blood pressure, the cardiologist wants me to go for a stress test as a precaution. My BP was fine 110/80 but because I take the meds, CIPLA's procedure is that I must take these additional tests. So I will go get that done at 2pm today. No worries still. God is good. This gave me the perfect opportunity to come back to the RH to get on my laptop to claim my unemployment benefits so I can have extra cash - hopefully by Wednesday.

Stay blessed ladies. I will keep you updated...


Hey girl! Thinking of you! Good luck! You're going to look great
  • Reply
I can't wait to see your results....I'm so excited for you .
  • Reply
good luck girl, I'm happy they are thinkingof ur health first!
  • Reply

Today was such a long tiring day...-__-...

Well, short story is I did not get my surgery today but will have it done first thing in the morning.

Long story is that Dra. Yily decided to postpone my surgery until tomorrow morning because she felt my BP may be elevated after the stress test and on top of that I hadn't eaten anything since the night before. By 3:30 my head started hurting and it's still pounding (it's 10:26pm right now).

The doctors at the other clinic were at other clinics doing rounds, so I had to wait a few hours. I was so exhausted. I kept falling asleep LOL. However the actual tests (stress and echocardiogram) only took a total of 30 minutes total. They got the right one with me because I am such a patient person. Very few things in life will get me to have a negative reaction. So today was a piece of cake.

Angie had to go pick up my homey LeslieMosko from the airport so she sent me with one of the CIPLA's drivers - who by the way speaks no English. So I was forced to speak Spanish (please keep in mind my language is not spanish but one that is fairly similar to it, but it's still not spanish). Anyway, he stayed with me pretty much the whole day. He was cool but not a cutie at all - I don't discriminate against older men just the ugly ones.... LOL :) real isn though....

Anywhooo, I got to the RH a little bit past 6pm and was finally able to meet LeslieMosko!! She's too gorgeous and funny!! We got along great. God works His stuff the way he needs to. I feel good that I every precaution was made to ensure their levels of comfort for me to have the surgery, plus tonight gave LeslieMosko and I an opportunity to chit chat and be silly in person.

By the time I got back to the RH from my long day of ripping and running, I WAS STARVING!!!! Gabby was preparing dinner, but I just couldn't wait. LeslieMosko and I decided we were going to walk to the "supermercado".... yeah.. at night.. We ended up being escorted personally by the doorman of the condo complex (Julius). He was super sexy and trim and muscular. He spoke no English but he and I managed to communicate effectively enough. He was so frikken awesome. There was a university on the way to the store and, ladies....please be prepared to see a hella lot of sexy men in DR. I mean they are all (well most) sexy!! Yumm... Anyway, we got back with our goodies and dinner was ready.

I am laying in bed with this headache still but I'll be okay in the morning. The driver will be here at 6AM to pick me and LeslieMosko up. I wonder is she and I can stay in the same room at CIPLA even though we're having our surgeries done by different doctors..... I need to remember to ask tomorrow...

I truly appreciate all of your well wishes and kind words. I promise to answer each and everyone of you personally and individually. It's just that I am completely exhausted -__- right now and it's hard to read through each comment on the phone when I don't know when I'll have a charger handy.

So tomorrow is really the big day..... for sure this time..... :)

Buenas noches (Muahhhh)


Love your attitude towards it all. Your great. Can't wait to see your great results. Good luck Hun.
  • Reply
Wishing you the best with ur surgery. cant wait to see u.
  • Reply
Stoppin thru to sprinkle some love on ya... Cant wait to see how good you look!
  • Reply

I'm in my recovery room ...recovering...

I woke up about an hour ago from sx. My butt and my upper back are in pain. I feel like I have to pee because of the catheter but I can't tell if it's emptying. Since I woke up I've had so much gas!! lol

I'm doing okay right now. Just want to let you ladies know I'm alive and doing well :)

I'm going to try to sleep again.


yay! congrats. I hope u get that well deserved sleep... take care sweetie
  • Reply
Congrats my love!!!! Im so happy things are going well for you! Im praying that things will continue to go in your favor!
  • Reply
Congrats doll!! Yayyy glad u made it on the other side! I loved my catheter so much lol happy healing n very happy /ecstatic for you :-*
  • Reply

Just got my faja put on....

I slept good last night. I was a bit uncomfortable because I couldn't move but managed to fall asleep. I slept great until the nurses came in to change my drain and pee bag. Then I got my faja put on. The nurse was so nice. Lol. She takes off all the bandages and cleans me off with baby wipes. Then she tells me I have to stand up. And I'm like parar? They help me turn so my legs are off the bed and on the floor then the finish taking the bandages off. Before they stand me up they slide the faja on my legs. Then they put my tank top on and stand me up to pull them all the way up my thighs. I started to feel a little queazy like I was going to throw up. The sat me down and brought me some water to drink. They position the pads all around me and fasten the hooks on the faja. I didn't feel sick after I got the water. Then I laid back down on the bed. I got some juice to drink and felt much better again.

I highly recommend hiring a nurse or bringing someone to help you here over night. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't hired one. She did a lot for me. Brought me water. Fed me the soup. Got my heating pad from my bag. Brought me juice this am. Emptied my drains throughout the night. Got my charger for my phone. Basically stuff that you cannot do in your own because you're in pain in bed. She even went looking for a nurse for me last night to give me more pain meds.

She left a few minutes ago (the overnight nurses stay with you from 7pm to 7am). I just had my blood drawn and now waiting to be discharged but I don't know when. I'm going to try to take a cat nap while I wait.

I still feel good as far as pain is concerned.


Glad you made it!!!!
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Congrats doll!! God is good!! Your a Lovely YILLY Doll! Your a Try to stay away from the heating pad it makes u more swollen my massage lady had told me that.
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Congrats girl ur booty is looking good it's plump.... Praying for a speedy recovery!!!!! Congrats welcome to the flat side
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I'll be discharged soon....

Dr. Ana came in just now to give my my discharge papers. She said my hemo is at a 10 right now. She says I'm recovering quickly.

I need to wait for my homey LeslieMosko to he discharged so we can go to the RH. I hope I'm able to walk....

Oh Dra. Yily's assistant Yira also had surgery yesterday. She got a bbl and rhinoplasty. She came to see me this morning. Poor thing. She looks Chinese because if the swelling. She was already walking around this am. But she looks cute with her cute self.


You look great..happy healing..stay strong it will all be worth it at the end!!!
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Happy healing!:)
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Thank you Curvaceousme for visiting :)

I had a visitor .... Curvaceousme and her friends came to see me yesterday. I think I was only a few hours out of surgery. I went in about 11am. And Dra. Ana said I was in there for 3 hours. Anyway Curvaceousme and her friends surprised me because I think I was so out of it but I do remember them being here. Lol :)

My honey Angie is here to get me and LeslieMosko in a car with our driver. She has to go to a rosary ceremony because her grandfather past away. There's a custom here where they pray the rosary 9 days after a death. Her grandfather was 99 years old.

Angie's so funny though. As I was being wheeled into the operating room she said bye the the nice Dushi and that she'll miss me because she said I might turn into a bitch after surgery. I told her this am "see I'm still not a bitch". LOL :)

Anyway. They're about to come take out this catheter so I can leave. I'll update again later.


Heyyyy boooo! I was one of the girls that stopped by when u woke after sx. How are u?
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Hope you have a great recovery looking great
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Post Op Video with LeslieMosko

We did an impromptu video.... Hope you enjoy :)


love the video!! great review.
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Hey love good to see you & your friend are doing well.. love the vid lol @shaking your booties thanks for sharing.. You guys look really good & your lips look fantastic I know they swollen but the images look nice and once the swollenness goes down your gonna look great... nice ass btw xxx
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Awesome video!!
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First massage today...

I got my first massage today. It was pretty bad as far as pain is concerned. I cried. The painful part for me was when she massaged over the drains that are under my skin. I can tolerate pain pretty well but when she's pushing fluid over the drains it's extremely painful. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's massages but I need them if I want this fluid out of me.

For me, the drains are the most painful part of recovery. But it's a necessary evil I guess. I can't wait until my post op appt on Monday. I really hope they come out


hope u feeling better've gotten past the hard parts...its all uphill from here!!!
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U look amazing...both of u and everything is good in the RH...happy healing ladies❤
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Thank you :) it's been rough the past 2 days because if the accumulation of fluids but today is much better

More massages..feeling better than I did the past 2 days...

Omg!!! The swelling that occurs after sx is no joke ladies. The inflammation consumes your entire body making everything so much more painful! Even my face was swollen. It was so uncomfortable. The massages are supposed to alleviate all of that but it's almost more painful than to just suffer through the swelling. But that's not an option if I want to get back to myself quickly. My pain is located where the drains are under my skin on the sides. The masseuse massages right over them like nothing. Today I had to tell her not to massage on those spots until Monday (which is when I'm hoping the drains will be removed). My 3rd massage was so much better with her not rubbing on those spots!!! She got so much fluid out of me.

My faja is getting washed for the 1st time tonight. I brought a faja with me from the states but it is way too small for my butt. Thank goodness I also brought my squeem. So I have that in and it's giving me good compression on my back and abs but not on my butt.


You look great in the video!
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Thank you :)
Hope u feel better, u look great, hopefully Monday when the drains come out u will feel better :-/ how did u know what size squeem to get to bring with u?
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Another video with LeslieMosko

We both just had our 3rd massages and are feeling good. I was feeling pretty bad the past couple of days but after the massage was feeling much much much better. We taped this last night but I'm only posting this today. I also slept really really good. I did not have all the same aches and pains I had the night before.
I had my first BM last night, and boy, was that the longest 2 hours of my life!! But i do feel better after.
Anyway, the masseuse will be here in about an hour. She's going to come twice a day to give me a massage. That way i'll have gotten 10 massages before I get back home. Thank God!!! As much as they hurt, they do help.

Enjoy :)


Love the videos. This makes me want to lock down a surgery buddy. My husband is great and all but I need someone who's going through the same thing. Happy healing to both of you. Thanks for sharing your journey in detail.
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Of course it's your decision but I really think your husband will be bored as hell and will not be the right person to take care of you. You really need someone who can tell you if something is normal or not normal. Just my opinion. But it feels good to have someone here with us 24hrs a day.
I know y'all r hurting but your hiding it well :) looks like your having a good time... Love the videos! Keep it comin! By the way what r the prices of the massages? Both ladies the same price?
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Stuff about my sx I forgot to mention....

I forgot to tell you that my hemo was 13.2 before surgery. There was another lady there who's hemo was 14.8...!!! That's super high.

When Dra. Yily was marking me up, I asked Angie to tell her to "please don't make me look deformed because I have thin legs". Dra. Yily said that I was her only patient who's said that to her. She said most don't consider their body frame, they just want that big butt.

I keep feeling my ass and looking at it whenever I have an opportunity. I'm scared it's too big. But Angie and LeslieMosko say it looks very natural. Stephanie the nurse who comes to give us our bathes and shots says it's big. I'm like omg!! I not want to look deformed. So I'm hoping it settles down a little.

Oh I got my drains removed today. Angie called Dra. Ana and she have to okay. I just ate lunch and I think I'll take a nap again. I'm feeling pain in my side like a burning/boiling sensation. Elizabeth (my masseuse) says it's the liquid. I don't know what it is but that junk hurts!! I'm going to pop one of these pain meds and take a nap.

Maybe LeslieMosko and I will feel a little better later and make another video.

Until then --smooches


I love your vids sooooo funny you have an awsome rommie
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U might think im too awesime if I dont get my massage.. straight creulla deville... u def need a hunourous and think skinned buddy this SHITt is RUFF
Im a total bitch today.. like yesterday... thus fluud is the blues but I am grateful I have her here otherwisr who can I be cruel.. just kidding.. wake up honey its massage time....

Just had my 5th massage....1st without drains....

Ooooohhh!!!! What a difference!!! I definitely preferred this afternoon's massage over the others. I've been getting 2 a day since Saturday and definitely recommend them. The really do alleviate a lot of the fluid buildup.

Anywhoooo. I snapped a few pics this time. If you look at the pic of my full butt you'll see that my butt cheeks look like they're pressed together, well that's because they are. They are so hard and I have to squeeze my fingers in to pass a wipe through there. I DO NOT want them to look like that once this is all said and done. I'm hoping once the butt starts to soften up, that area will also take on a rounder shape *fingers crossed*.

My lips are still super swollen and poofy.

Anywhoooo since the drains have been out, I've been feeling a whole lot better and mobile. Tomorrow I'll be getting a massage at 8am then to see Dra. Ana for my post op at 10am (DR time). My mom wants me to bring her some cookies or candy from Santo Domingo. So hopefully LeslieMosko and I feel up to it. We'll see. It'll be nice to get out of the house for a little bit.


Hey missy I really enjoyed your profile;) happy recovery
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Hi :) thank you :) I've been gone for a minute but I'm going to keep my updating
Hey dushi how much was Angela's recovery house per night is it 75 or 65 I know she charges extra 150 for transportation.
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Pics while in DR

Pics :)

I took pics while I was in DR but didn't post them.

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More pics from DR

When I was in DR, I never left the RH except for DR appointments and to go the hair salon the day before I flew back home.

From my room I got some nice pics if the city and if a guy climbing a palm tree to get some coconuts for him and his buddy.

At the salon I got my hair washed and blown out straight. Dra. Yily was also there getting her feet done then a shampoo as I left. I wanted to take a pic so badly but didn't because I wanted to play it real cool. LOL!!


Hey mama you look so good! Now you got me thinking about getting my lips done! How long did you stay at DR? I'm sorry if I missed it in your blog...
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Update on how I'm doing and feeling...

I've been in a weird mood because of something that happened in DR. So I pretty much just shut down. Then once I got home i was so busy with my kid and her cheer competition, I just had no time. Then I had to do a project for school. It's due today as a matter of fact. I have a final exam on Saturday and a final written assessment to do by next Monday. Ughhhh!!

Anyway about my body....

I am so curvy it's not even funny!! I kinda think my ass it too big. But maybe I just need to get used to not having a flat ass anymore. I took my measurements yesterday after my shower and the faja was off and my waist measured 31 and hips measured 41 -that's only one inch from where I started but the fullness in my butt is unbelievable!! It's crazy round!! I don't know how many cc's she put in but she said she put as much as my body would take. I honestly didn't think I had that much fat for all that ass!! But there you go, she was able to get it all from my waist abs and back. My waist is so tiny compared to my hips! I look so sexy in my tops now.

My chin is also looking good. I wear the brace at night or in the evenings when I'm at home. I love not seeing that double chin :)

My lips have gone down drastically -THANK GOD!! When my daughter came home the first thing she said was "OMG!! What happened to your lips!!" She's adjusted and at the same time, my lips have toned down tremendously!! I think my lips are my only regret -well only because the swelling made them look so massive and I was scared they'd stay that big.... I'm hoping they keep going down.

I still have a lot of pain and stiffness in my underarms where she did the lipo. I really hope this goes away. It hurts when I move my arms in certain durations, like when I take my shirt off or when I'm sleeping - so I still take a half a perc at night to sleep comfortably.

All but 2 of my incision sites have closed up. The one in my butt crack and the one under my right breast still have not closed up fully. I've been keeping all my incisions clean with alcohol after my shower. I still bathe with my cetaphil antibacterial soap until all my wounds are completely healed. The one under my right right breast looks like it still has the stitch in it. It's a clear stitch not a black one. I'm bit sure if that needs to come out or not...? I need to send Dra. Yily an email about that.

I'm still in my 2nd stage compression garment that I bought from Dra. Yily in DR. I'm on the 3rd row. I can probably go down to the last (4th) row but I haven't. I'm only using the lipo foam inside of my tank top under my garment. It smooths out the creases you would have gotten and it keeps you comfy in the garment. Well it does for me at least. I would probably use the triangle back board but I just haven't since DR. I found that the abdominal compression board limited my movement and made me feel more stuff than I was - although I was stuff. It just made me feel extra stiff so I probably won't use it again.

Oh about sitting.... I've been sitting and sleeping in my new bum since day one. I honestly haven't noticed any change in how it looks. I don't know if it's because of the amount if usable fat I had or how Dra. Yily placed the fat in my rear. But my ass has only list 2 inches from the time I was in DR until now. And I'm thinking those 2inches was due to swelling. Speaking of how the fat was injected in my rear, I still have not found any marks anywhere in my butt that indicates how it all went in....??? Weird. I expected to see those three holes that DrJ's patients have. But I don't have any marks on my but other than the drain hole. I honestly don't know where it how the fat entered my bum..... It's definitely in there though!!

I still haven't seen my mom. I've managed to stay away. Primarily because of my huge elephant lips. But now it's because of my huge donkey ass. I really need to figure out which jeans I can still fit into. The butt seems so huge that I feel I won't fit into anything I have but I've only grown an extra inch. My new butt will now fill the jeans the way they're meant to be filled instead of me tying them up with a belt. I'll be trying on some jeans today....


It going to take u some time to get use to your new body just hang in there babe u look good
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I got there on the 17th and left on the 27th. My surgery was on the 19th so that gave me 8 days to recover there.
Oh and thank you :)

Stuff I used a lot and stuff I did not use at all…..

My 97 cent funnel from Walmart was an absolute God-send!!!! I had ZERO accidents!! It worked perfectly and I am still using it to this day.

Wipes!!!! You will need lots and lots of them. I went through two 48-count packs and started on an new one while I was there. I still use them to wipe myself in my private area after I use the restroom.

Pads!!!!!! I used all but three pad from the two 24-count packages I took down with me. I think the lipo foam would have done the same if not better job as the pads, but the nurses in CIPLA and at the Rh use the pads, so when in Rome…… Keep in mind that Dra. Yily uses a drainage reservoirs to catch all of the draining fluid, so I did not need extra pads to soak up the fluid or extra doggie pads to protect the bed. Having the reservoir was so much cleaner…...

You don't need clothes. Well at least I didn't. One dress will be enough for your post op and travels home.

Need panties - I took old ones which I am glad I did.
Need tank tops - I'd say one for each day.
Flip flops - must

All your vitamins and pain meds!! It's expensive to buy vitamins in DR if you need extra and the pain meds there aren't worth crap. The Percocets were a huge part of my comfort during recovery!! Please take them with you!!

The RH had all of the medical supplies I needed so I really did not need any of them. I did use bandaids and gauze for my drain hole and doggie pads. If you want to clean your incision sites yourself, cotton balls and alcohol. I did not use any of the first aid creams or sprays until I came home. Dra. Ana said to only use a certain kind of medical tape on my skin, so I suggest just not taking any…..

The masseuse uses the arnica cream during the massages, well at least mine did. I left DR with no bruises…..

I used the stool softener a couple of times, I probably should have taken it every night…. So please try to stay on some soft of schedule with the stool softener…. The pain and agony of the my first TWO bm's were horrific!!!! If I could do anything over, it would be to take the stool softener daily….. After my 2nd bm (at home) I've been pretty regular…..

I did not use my blood pressure machine, thermometer, Heating pad, Hibiclens….


You look really good & your lips look luscious, not too big at all. What brand and size a is your first & second garment you brought from yilly for $150
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Hi :) Thank you so much!! They have gone down in size A LOT!! I do like them so much more now. I bought Maria E Fajas brand online and in DR as my 2nd stage garment. The one I bought from Dra, Yily was style #9472M size S. The one I bought online was style #9334 size XS. The garment that I got in the hospital (which was included in the sx price) was Marena brand style #FBHRS-XS-H size XS. I like the way the Maria E Fajas fit better because the material feels firmer than the Marena. If you need more info please let me know.
Hey!!! You look amazing!!! How many cc's did she use in each butt cheek? & did u stay at Angies Sillouhette recovery home? How much total was the stay at the home??? Sorry for all the questions but my sx date is February 17th im im excited but nervous at the same damn time!
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OMG!!! I finally told my mom…..

Well ladies, I decided it was time to finally go see my mom. I mean she did come all the way from Aruba to take care of my daughter for my while I went on "vacation"….
And I haven't seen her since July….

So I went over there and tried to wear a light jacket to hide my butt…. Not a good idea because her house felt so hot I had to take it off… Anyway, not long after I got there she asked me what happened to my lips. I said nothing and smiled. She said "Those are not your lips. Did you get stung by a bee?" LMAO!! I told her no. She said "I hope you're not messing with that Botox stuff"… OMG lol…. Anywhooo, she started in with the questions about DR and who I went there with. I told her I went alone. I told her that I was going to tell her something but I didn't want her to get mad. LOL. She said that she's going to get mad but I need to tell her anyways. So I told her I went to DR to have plastic surgery. She was so mad I went alone. Mind you I still haven't' shown her my butt. I walked backwards to the couch and stayed there almost the whole night. I told her that I would show her my butt, but that she had to keep in mind that the faja made it look way bigger than it really is. I really hope she bought that. When I finally showed her she said "Oh my lord!!" But was okay with the plastic surgery deal, she just didn't like that I went alone.

Boy that is such a big load off my shoulders. My dad wasn't home, so that I will need to contend with, but my mom was my main issue. I'm so glad that went way better than planned…..

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I'm in my 3rd faja now...

I decided I would try to put on my XS Maria E Fajas brand faja today. This is the one I bought online before my sx. It was about $80. It's the same brand as the 2nd stage garment I bought from Dra. Yily. That one (size S) got too comfortable, even when I clasped it on the last (4th) row.

Well, ladies, let me tell you this size XS is no effing joke!!! My waist with the garment on measures 28 inches!! That's insane!! My hips measure 41 still so thats good!! But this one feels soooooo tight. I've had it on all day now but it's super tight. I think I'll stay in this one until my 3 months is up. We'll see.

Here are some pics with my new faja on and some pics of the packaging of the three fajas I own.


you definitely look fabulous girl. Yily sculpted you perfectly. Your lips look great by the way too. I didn't know she had skills like that. Enjoy your new body. Question do you find the vedette fajas to be more comfortable?
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looking great!
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Ooh Ooh nena your LQQking hot hot hot thkx for the update hun glad it went well with your moms...I cant believe your recovering time is flying by girl loving your results your left banging now don't hurt no one lol mwah x
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My first outing to the club.....

I just had to take my new booty out to the club on Friday night. I went to dinner first with my girlfriend (who happens to be Dominican) and midway through dinner I decided to take my faja off. The XS was so uncomfortable so there you go, I took it off. After dinner we went to the club. I wanted to take this booth on a test drive. I wore done leggings and a sheer top that was long enough to cover the booty - I didn't want to show the booty completely as yet. Anyways I can honestly say I felt so confident in my new body. I had a great time. So many Spanish men tried to pick me and my girlfriend up (she by the way has a naturally HUGE Dominican ass). I ended up making my selection from across the room. I saw this sexy thin man standing at the bar. I couldn't tell what he was. He looked mixed but he was so sexy and handsome. I walked up to him at the bar and said hi. He ended up leaving like almost immediately. I'm like WTF!!! He came back though and I almost chewed his head off for walking away. He had THE THICKEST accent. And guess where he's from ladies....... Omg!!! Do
Dominican frikken Republic!!!! Lol it's so strange. Anyway I told him I was just down there like 3 weeks ago. And I also ended up telling him about the sx. He was so cool about it. His so sweet and I think I like him already..... He said he always thought he preferred his women natural but after seeing me, he says he fuck that. Lol!! He doesn't care. He calls me Robocop!!! I think it's hilarious!! Anywhooooo. I thought is share.


I was just gonna say you need to put new pics up and looky here lol. You look great
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I'm trying to put pics up regularly but I don't want to seem vain. LOL!! I'll post a new one just for you!! LOL
Girlllll do ur thing!

A few pics of my progress....

I took my first panty pics. I still need to figure out how to stand.... I'm so used to doing these medical comparison pics, that I forgot how to be sexy..... LOL

Anywhoooo, I also took some pics in today's get up. I'm wearing my XS raja because I love the compression it gives me in my waist but I hate the way they feel around my butt and thighs.


Okay sounds good I'm about to pay my deposit for Agustina so that's when it will be official just doing all my research and asking all the questions I can now before I dive in! Lol . I saw ur video of u at the RH with your surgery buddy u guys are too cute and made it seem like the surgery was nothing how many days after surgery was that ?
LOL!! She was a trip. I was glad to have such a cool person at the RH with me. We did have our rooms though. The first video was 2 days PO and the 2nd was 5 days PO. Ask anything you want. If I am able to, I will give you whatever info I have. :)

Swelling and inflammation after surgery.....

I think I was very blessed with the minimal swelling I experienced. I don't know if this tea helped but I did drink it everyday, sometimes twice a day. I bought Organic Calendula Flowers Tea from

I also started taking Bromelain (300 mg) twice a day for swelling one week before my surgery and everyday after surgery. I still take it today along with the rest of my vitamins:
Folic acid (800 mcg)
Iron (65 mg)
Super B complex
B12 (1000 mcg)
Vitamin C (1000mg)
GNC women's iron complete
One a Day women's vitamin


How much did you recovery stay end up costing you?
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I ended up spending about $800 on my RH stay. Well worth IMO. Angie had her people take care of everything for me.
U looking good girl!!!!! Cam u send me a message with the RH info. It looks really nice! Was it by the water? Would you recommend them? How much was it to stay per night?
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A few progress pics and Dra. Yilys new addition...

Here are a few random progress pics. I'm still loving my results. Amazing is all I can say.

My dominican papi loves my body too ;)


How many ccs did u get?
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I just sent Dra. Yily an email asking how many cc's I got. I'll update my blog as soon as I get a response from her. I'm itching to find out too!!
Gorgeous pics doll!
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OMG!! The itchies are here!!!

I've been having the itchies since last week and they are such hell!!! remember them from when I had my TT but durn!!!! These itchies are hell!! Imagine having to scratch your skin and not feeling it because your skin is numb....... Omg it's so annoying!!! I've been spraying the dermaplast spray on my sides and back after every shower and it does seem to help. I'm also still staying away from perfumed soap. Ugh what a pain. From my recollection of my TT healing process, my skin stayed numb for a long time around my TT scar. I wonder if the lipo areas will end up the same. Anyways I'm still loving the waist and booty :) yay
I'm hoping that "fluffing" season comes soon and drops the butt at the bottom some more. I would like to see it a bit more rounded at the bottom. But trust, ladies, I am not complaining about nothing!!! I still love my results!!


Ok and I will DEFINITELY get that tea! Yes I will be drinking that pre op daily indeed. :)
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I really liked having the tea because it was nice and warm and felt good when my whole body was in pain.
Video could have had more info and details rather than just self issues everyone is swollen we know that can we have info on the procedure its self ? In detail ? Or nah
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When you look in the mirror, find what you LOVE about yourself instead of what you don't like...

Hi ladies :) It's been a minute since I've updated my blog but I do prowl on here every now and then. I have noticed some of you ladies are looking for this surgery to be your magic fix it all and have expectations that may not be realistic. You have to be real with any surgery and the BBL is no different. My advice is to look at yourself in the mirror and be REAL with yourself. Look at the wish pics you've chosen for yourself and be REAL….. Please remember that the doctor is not a magician. He or she cannot change you. He or she can only give you an improved version of YOU.

I've read someone's post on here that she will be so pissed if her results aren't like her wish pics. Well I hope all of you reading this who have not had surgery as yet don't have this same sentiment. And if you do, you will surely be disappointed.

I will use my BBL as an example…..
My ideal was to have a heart shaped butt. I love the look of the rounded bottom. However, that's not what I have. If you look at some of my AFTER pics you can see that the bottom of my butt looks kind of straight. I am not too happy about that. But I look back at my BEFORE pics and that's all I need to see to forget about the "IDEAL I EXPECTED". I went through all the pain and discomfort to look better and feel better about my body - NOT to have perfection, because quite frankly - perfection is just not going to happen.

Moral of this post:
Be realistic with your expectations.
Look for with pics of people with YOUR body shape.
Don't expect to look like someone else.
Do expect a more improved version of YOURSELF.

When you look in the mirror, find what you LOVE about yourself instead of what you don't like….

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Updated pics of my lips and chin....

I had a few questions about my chin scar and lips so I'm posting some updated pics.

The scar is hard to see in the pics but my novio (bf) did notice it when we first met but it's nothing super big. I'm very happy with how my chin came out. I would do it over again in a heartbeat.

The swelling in the lips took some
time to go down. I had my reservations about the lip fat transfer but now that the swelling is completely gone, I have absolutely no regrets. In the past I was never able to pucker my lips but now I have a decent pucker and I'm not embarrassed to blow a kiss :)


Thanks for posting recent pictures of your lips. I'm using your pictures when I see dra yily. I can't wait...
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What is arnica cream?
  • Reply
I'm posting a pic of it right now....

Pomade de arnica....

My mom gave me a small bottle of pomada de arnica (arnica salve). I've been calling it arnica cream. My moms an avid user of Chinese oils to cure her migraines and various creams for cuts and burns and stuff. Well I took the arnica cream to DR with me. And this is the cream that I and the masseuse massaged into my skin. This stuff worked for me because when I left DR pretty much all my bruising was gone. The only bruises left were those around my armpits. I was mostly concerned about the bruises on my lips and chin. I didn't want to travel back to the states looking like I got beat up. I still use the cream around my armpits and shoulder blades because those are the areas that feel really stiff at times. I also use it to massage my abdomen and sides to work through the forming scar tissue (those hard lumpy areas).

I have no idea where she bought it. But maybe you can google it to see where to get it.


Great review and love your results
  • Reply
Thank you mz.newbeginning :) I'm loving them too!!
U look great, thanks for all the information you provide us with. Did u also use the Arnica Montana pellets beside the arnica salve?
  • Reply

Updated pics

Hi ladies. I know I've been gone for a while, but I'm still here. This semester of school is really tough. I'm taking four classes and man it's a lot of reading and a lot of writing.

My healing process has reached A plateau. I'm not seeing any real changes from day today. I am wearing my faja less and less. I bought a new vadette waist cincher and that's what I wear every day when I'm at home. when I leave the house I don't wear anything.

Here are a few pics of me :)


Great review!  You look amazing :)
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Thank you
Great results. Love your review. Was it fat that was transferred to your lips?
  • Reply

Update: what does CallMeDushi look like now??

Well ladies (and gents)
I'm still absolutely happy with my results!!

Attached are some updated pics. I don't have too many in my phone since I've transferred most to my pc and I'm updating from my phone. But I hope my photos still inspire you to go after you dream.

Do your research and prepare your mind and body for the surgery. It is definitely not something to be taken lightly.

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What do I look like now? Well here I go!!!

Hi ladies (and gents)

I'm still in school fulltime working hard on my masters. I can't wait to graduate.

I am still extremely happy and still astounded with my results. I can say that this surgery and the entire process with the RealSelf family has been a blessing.

Do your research and prepare your mind and body for the surgery. It is not something to be taken lightly. I am grateful I did everything I had control over to prepare myself.

Well here are a few pics of me taken about 2 weeks ago.

Until the next update....

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Pics.... (Sept6)

New pics

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Ummmm pucs not loading

I'll attempt to upload pics from my pc a little later ...

Sorry but I'm having technical issues

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You look great!!
  • Reply
You look awesome Dushi! Very natural and realistic results! Congrats and thanks for the update! God Bless.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dra. Yily because I love the way she is able to give that hourglass figure. My expectation was to have a tiny waist and decent sized ass. Lord, she not only gave me what I wanted but the result in my opinion is completely astounding. She truly is an amazing surgeon with superior sculpting abilities. I love this woman for what she has done for my body. I wish I was able to speak with her more prior to surgery and wish that when I did speak with her it was earlier in the process but each doctor is different and has their own schedule. My first impression of Dra. Yily was that she was shy. She seemed really down to earth but that's probably because I saw her with her assistant, postop doctor (Dra. Ana Cedena) and my RH lady who is her friend. So she was in her comfort zone. I would go back to Dra. Yily in a heartbeat. I am that happy with my results. I asked for a butt that did not look deformed because my legs aren't that big and woke up to my butt being filled to the max. Lol!! She did wonders with my body and am so grateful to be an official Yily Doll !!! This experience had been so surreal and I feel extremely blessed for all of my experiences from Dra. Yily to Angie at the RH to Samira and Yira to Dra. Ana to my recovery and great health throughout it all. I would recommend Dra Yily over any other doctor due to her sculpting skills

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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