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Anyone have recent stories/pics to share? I am...

Anyone have recent stories/pics to share? I am scheduled for next year because he is booked and I still have to lose 20 MORE pounds! : O I have seen alot of his work and see his specialty is mainly BBL's, I am planning on doing a TT, Lipo Back, Thighs and Inner Thighs, I am 35 and have 2 kids I am ready for a major change!

hi iI just got in touch with dr. campos and they are waiting for my photos.. but u are going for the same thing iI am.. dwhat was the price they outed you? iI nd to lose about twenty pounds also..p
Good luck!

Welcome to RealSelf!   I am happy you joined us and look forward to keeping up with your process.  

Wow you are treating yourself to the works!!  

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