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Hi everyone my name is Lucy Im a single mother of...

hi everyone my name is Lucy Im a single mother of two beautiful children im 26 years old and totally ready to make a positive change in my new life. I recently separated with the father of my kids I had been with this guy for about 12 years i had my first child at 15 years old i have been over weight since then when i came out pregnant i was weighing at 106 pounds after i had my child i was weighing 185 pounds so far i have been about the same weight, now i weigh in at 165 i have very saggy breast and saggy bottom, my stomach is horrible all saggy with stretch marks all over. at this point i need a boost and i think with this surgery i will get some of the results i need for me to start a new life. i need help on what to do before and after surgery to help me recover fast i took 1 week off work that's all i can afford to take. please if you have done all these surgeries at one let me know your experience.
I'm a true believer in "If you can fix it, then fix it". Having a BA helped me feel like I had my pre mommy body back. I'm very happy with my results. Maybe a little ego boost is exactly what you need. I'm happy for you. My advice to you would be 1) make sure you keep doing research and that your plastic surgeon is Board Certified! Believe me, if he's not, you could possibly end up both unhappy with your result, and also left out in the cold if he/she feels like you're unhappy. Sometimes people choose someone who really doesn't know what they're doing. You can see some of the results of this unfortunately happening on this site. 2) Go with what you feel is right. Your surgeon should not make your choices for you (after all you are paying them to do a service for you), so make it all about you. 3) Get your scrips filled before your surgery day. You'll be bummed if you come out of surgery and then are supposed to get your scripts filled (your pain will beat you to the drugstore). 4. Get yourself some nice cozy bralettes (they don't have to be pricey). Drink lots of water while your'e healing. It helps to clean out your system properly. 5) It really is too separate surgeries so don't fret about your results until after 6 weeks. And 6) Get excited, you're going to look great! Attitude is everything. Congrats and good luck!
Thank you so much. I really hope everything works out I kind of feel like Im getting cold feet about im surgery know that its getting so close. iv been having nothing but bad dreams I kind of feel like I keep thinking about it and its making me have second thoughts but in the other hand I don't want to regret not doing it.
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I'm actually really confident with my doctor he's done work on a few girls i know i meet with him about two weeks ago and he was very professional and explained the procedure in detail.

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