Dr. Campos Hard to Get a Hold Of... I Wan't More Info... He's the Doctor I Want - Tijuana, MX

I have been trying to get more information about...

I have been trying to get more information about the BBL procedure and havent received any response. I just sent him another request for information. He must be super busy!! How long did you guys have to wait for a response? How was the experience? How long did it take till you could move around on your own. How about pricing? Any feedback would be so helpful!

I want to have my surgery on oct or 8th 2012 with Dr Campos and my date is Sept 28 2012 do any of you want to switch with me?
I have sx date for August 14th, does any other lady want to trade dates? I lost half the weight I gained becaue of a stomach virus my kids had. I'm at 127 and 5'4 I dont think I have enough fat to get the results I want. If any one wants to trade please contact me asap. Thanks
hi serenbella...im trying to get a hold of dr. campos as well. ive reached out to a few ladies...privately also and not much info...if i come across anything i will be happy to help you...good luck on your journey..im trying to get their before sept. 2012
Dr. Campos

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