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It's always been a spiral rollercoaster dealing...

It's always been a spiral rollercoaster dealing with my weight. Since I was a child I was overweight. Kids made fun of me at school. I was always the fat ugly one nobody wanted to be around, despite the kindness I showed people. By age 14 I was depressed my cousins would always be like oh I have boobs, oh you have a nice round butt, it sucks for the people who have nothing and are just fat and they'd laugh. Around this time my parents were very protective of me so all I would do was stay home and eat and watch tv. Next thing you know I couldn't handle my weight and my parents were going to throw me a big "quinceanera". Everytime I went for a dress fitting id cry my family would always bully me and the pressure was really on to lose weight. That's when I started throwing up. By the time I had my party I was still chubby but when I was 17 and prom came I was super duper thin. I deprived myself of lots of food and whenever I had something unhealthy id throw it up. I thought I looked great but my mom soon found out what I was doing I had been throwing up for 2 years already and my teeth were really messed up, I lost my butt, my legs, and the little bit of boobs I had. My mom took me to a psychologist to try to get me to straighten up. I regret throwing up but in a way it was worth it because nobody called me fat anymore or laughed at me. My problem now that im 21 is that I cant go on like this anymore, I don't throw up anymore but I don't eat things I want. I used to eat once a day and I just want to be healthy. I had a consultation with a Dr. in Mexico and she offered to lipo my entire back, arms, and stomach for the procedure. I am happy because this is a way for me to start off fresh. After my recovery period I will start going to the gym again and eat healthy. Lucky for me I have a partner
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So far she gives me a lot of info and reassures me about questions and concerns. She treated my sister very well and even drove us to the border since we were lost. I will text her to get her full name.

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Honey, before you have any surgery you need to do 2 things: the first and most important is to love and accept yourself, as you are...all your flaws, imperfections, fat roll, skinny knees, everything. Surgery will not fix this for you, you have to do it. It took me years before I was finally able to love myself, and I didn't until I was 25. I too starved myself, threw up unhealthy foods, hid in my house, diagnosed with depression...I know exactly what you're going through. The second thing is to consult with a psychiatrist/psychologist on if you are mentally ready for this surgery. I don't want you to think I am calling you crazy but cosmetic surgery requires you to be in a good mental state and be ready because it's a process. You may not see results right away and that could be discouraging and the pain in itself is something else to consider. I will be praying for you hun and hope you find what you're looking for.
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