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I'm 29 years old ,Mommy of 3 my oldest is 13 and...

I'm 29 years old ,Mommy of 3 my oldest is 13 and my babies are 2 year old twins. which is the reason i'm wanting this surgery. The twins took a toll on my body lol.I'm 5'5 155lbs. This past Saturday I had My consultation with Campos and was very pleased. He said he was surprised I had twins and carried them very well needless to say I need a ETT lol .I want a big ol'Booty too and Campos is the man for that !!!! I want my sexy back ! I'm shooting for June super excited!!!!


Goodluck, pls whats the differents btw TT n ETT pls?
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TT is tummy tuck ETT is extended tummy tuck . He said it would be better for me cause after he lipo's my hips there will be a lot of extra skin . So the incision is longer .

So it's getting real . I'm super excited just...

So it's getting real . I'm super excited just booked my date for July 25th 2013 !! Now I got to start buying all the goods to get ready .


Hey it's almost your day. Good luck
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Hey , Ladies I've started buying sometimes but have tons left . I was thinking of staying at Club Med for a week then coming home . I live in San Diego so I'll be able to go back and forth for the massages.
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Im arriving at clubmed on July 23 and surgery the next morning look forward to seeing you if that's what you decide on
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