Ooooh the options when you have boobs! 7 weeks postop :D - Tijuana, Mexico

So, I've finally decided to pack up and move to...

So, I've finally decided to pack up and move to Boobieville! Things seem better on that part of the world... ;)

I have read many, many reviews here and on other sites, and have been so inspired (and jealous!) of those who have had their breast wishes come true.

I've wanted to have breasts since the 7th grade. I remember that summer my dad had bought me this pretty puple top for the beginning of the school year and I waited patiently for my breasts to develop into more than just nipples. Do you remember that one Cosby Show episode where Rue was upset because all of her friends developed and she hadn't? STORY of MY LIFE!! For now, anyways...

I've been cosidering getting a BA done for over a year. A good friend of mine got hers done a few years back, and after seeing her transformation, both physically and emotionally, cinched it for me. Difference being, of course, unlike yours truly, she already had boobs, just not what she wanted. Regardless, she looks and feels great!

However, like many of you on here, I too feel guilty about spending money on myself to 'fix' a body issue, especially when there are so many other things that, according to many well-meaning family and friends, this money could be better spent on. They think I look great the way I am, bless their hearts, but I responded by telling them that if they had breasts like mine they'd be willing to spend a lot more! lol
They also have issues with me going to Mexico to have my surgery, but there's always risk, no matter where it gets done! I've seen some great and definitely not so great BAs done from local surgeons, so if I have this surgery, I'd rather take my chances going to Mexico while saving a few coins in the process. From what I've read, they are as clean and sanitary as many North American hospitals/clinics, most of their patients are American, and they have the same products, so why not? God forbid,if it doesn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, at least I didn't spend a ton of money to have it go wrong! Sure, a skewed way of thinking, but I'm not bitter or anything... :P

Some stats: I am 5'6, 121 lbs, 31 years old, 5 kids. Yes, you read right, 5!! I love them to death but boy oh boy did they ever do a number on my body! I've always been small in the chest but at least they were perky! Now they are small, stretched, despondent sacs of skin. As for the other parts of my body, well, one step at a time lol

Not entirely sure what size I want, but I have been doing the rice test and have a pretty good idea of what I'd like. I'm thinking probably somewhere between 400-425cc's would fit the bill. I want to be proportioned and have a nice rack. I'm currently a 34A (or B, depending on the manufacturer) and would like to be a full C, small D. Also have some asymmetry that needs to be corrected, hopefully it won't be an issue.

So, the coundown begins.......

So, I just want to say thanks to everyone who's...

So, I just want to say thanks to everyone who's welcomed me so warmly. The support that is in this online community is amazing, and it is a great feeling to be part of it. Very empowering! Kudos to all you ladies for making this journey a little easier!

I've found that many women in 'real time' are not as supportive of we should be, given our naturally nurturing instincts. I was surprised at the lack of support I felt from friends and family. They've listened and sympathized with me about my lack of curves over the years, now that I've finally decided to do something about it I was taken aback by how little they supported my decision...not exactly in a mean way, but more in the sense that I felt a slightly chilly reception to my announcement. Lots of reasons why I SHOULDN'T go ahead with this procedure, with little regard to how I felt about my own self-image. They regaled me with tales of horror stories galore, from displaced nipples to infection to lopsidedness to capsular contracture to deflation, you name it, they told me! I know it was partly out of concern, but COME ON people!! lol I even had one family member tell me I'd still be insecure after, because insecurity comes from within and needs to be fixed there, not on the outside. Agreed, but isn't what's on the outside what is making me feel insecure to begin with? Yeesh! ;)
Granted, there are one or 2 people who are happy for me (plus this community), so it reinforces my decision. So if you are in a situation like me, go for it! Don't let anyone deter you, because it is for YOU, not them!

Yay boobie troops!

Countdown: 2 whole months until surgery. Feels...

Countdown: 2 whole months until surgery. Feels like forever, yet the more research I do the less I feel like I am prepared-meaning I still don't know what I want! High profile? Mod plus? Because I have very little tissue, can I even go with a Mod Plus? 400cc? 470cc? 450cc? Should I get a periareolar lift? Will it make a huge difference? Or should I take my chances and hope for the best?

So many choices....

I do know a few things for sure though: 1) My surgeon is board certified in Mexico. 2) I am requesting under the muscle. From my research it sound like it would be best because I have such thin, poor tissue quality on my upper pole-I'm no doctor though! lol 3) My flight is booked, all the travel arrangements are made, so I am DEFINITELY going for this surgery, no backing out now! 4) I am so excited that I am going to have breasts!

Like Oprah, these things I know for sure. Still, it's hard not to feel apprehensive when there are so many variables to consider...anyone else feel like this?

So, 6 more weeks to go...feeling a little detached...

So, 6 more weeks to go...feeling a little detached about the whole thing now for some odd reason. Weird huh? I was super duper excited at first, to the point of obsession, and now...not so much. Not entirely sure why, I am still very much looking forward to finally having boobs, but ??? It feels a little surreal, actually. Hopefully this feeling fades soon!

That's my thoughts for now!!

So, the beginning of crunch time begins-all the...

So, the beginning of crunch time begins-all the planning, preparation, and logistics start to come together.

I've been working out for about 2 weeks now (Brazil Butt Lift is an awesome workout system, I highly recommend it!!) and so far I've lost almost 2 inches around my waistline, and even my chest circumference has decreased by an inch. Cool!! lol. It also helps that I've been eating healthier too. The kids aren't too keen about the restrictions on fast food but not too many complaints :)

I want to be in shape to have a better and easier recovery. I'm hoping that the little time I've been exercising and my better eating habits will be enough to offer an improvement, even though it will only be about 6 weeks total. Ah well, at least I tried! lol

Bought some Arnica gel and Vitamin E oil, compression bandages (just in case I feel I need extra support). And Tylenol Extra Strength, muscle relaxants...holy I have a veritable pharmacy in my cupboard!

Also been 'shopping' for breast sizes and shapes again, my interest level in my procedure has picked up a little bit with the date coming up close. I would like to buy a sports bra but since I'm still not sure what size I want it would be futile. Sooooo tempted to go to the new Victoria's Secret store that (finally!) came here to Winnipeg but I know I will just be wandering around the store lusting after the pretty bras without being able to actually buy one, so figured why torture myself? lol cruel and unusual punishment!!! Dammit anyways! :P

Hope all of you are doing well!!

So, just over 3 weeks to go. I've been wearing the...

So, just over 3 weeks to go. I've been wearing the rice sizes in my bra and I gotta say, I think I'll look pretty darn good after if the ps can give me the size I want. I've measured out 413cc's (in rice) and I think it would look perfect on my frame; however, the rice test is not 100% accurate, plus if I go under the muscle he'd have to add more cc's, correct? So hopefully he won't go too big or too small... I had sent some pics of my ideal size and was recommended 500cc's. So, being a little OCD, tried it right away in the bra and OMG they are GINORMOUS!!! Lol I do want boobs but holy moly that's a lot of breast ;P
However, I think I will just have to wait to try on the actual sizers in the clinic to make my final decision.

So, a question for all you ladies is this: After trying on the sizers, were you happy with the end result? Was it what you were expecting?

Thanks all!!

Well,it has been a while since I've been on here....

Well,it has been a while since I've been on here. I have to admit that I have been avoiding thinking about my upcoming surgery because I am starting to freak out. Just a little though lol

Been so busy these past few weeks so it has definitely made the time fly. Thank goodness or else I'd drive everyone around me crazy with all my booby talk! hehe

I'm excited but I am anxious too. Can't wait but scared they won't turn out as nicely as I hope! I know, I know, it's just my fears bubbling up to the surface.I know I'll be in capable hands, his work looks pretty good online, and there was only one bad review that I've found. Better than some others I've read!

Anywhoo, wondering how my boobie friends are doing on here, hope to join you guys soon! Only 4 more so soon!!! :D

Lol it is going to be repeated quite often in the...

Lol it is going to be repeated quite often in the next few days! My Spanish is weak, to say the least. I can understand it better than I can speak it, but they need to speak sloooowly...

Needless to say, didn't get much sleep last night. Too excited and nervous about missing my flight. Had about 4 hours of rest, with a few times of waking up and whipping around to check the time. Had a dream I'd overslept and missed my flight! Imagine my relief when the clock read 2am. Then 3:15am.Then 3:57am. lol

Received a phone call from the ciinic's driver to confirm details of pickup. Soooo glad he speaks good English. He just laughed at me when I told him that. He sounds nice, like the rest of the staff there :)

Going through US Customs here at the airport, I caused another chuckle or two. The border guy was like, "What's your business in the United States?" "Oh, just passing through San Diego". Border Dude-"Oh I see. Where's your final destination? For how long will you be there? Who are you travelling with?" me-"Tijuana, 3 days, just me, myself, and I" Border Dude-"Oh so you've been there before then" "Nope" with a smile. Border Dude-"So what brings you there then?" me-"Cosmetic surgery!" He looked at me, then asked, "For what???" and I just looked him dead in the eye and said,"As a man, looking at me, wouldn't it be obvious?" He tried to suppress his chuckle but I could tell I made HIM nervous. HA!

Will post later this evening when I get to the hotel. Bye!

So, here at the hotel in Tijuana. Flight was ok,...

So, here at the hotel in Tijuana. Flight was ok, drive across the US-Mexico border was seamless, check-in was fast and now just sitting around looking at boobs. Biding my time until I can go to bed! So tired now lol

My appointment is at 7am tomorrow, where we will fill out all of the neccessary paperwork, discuss size, post-operative care, etc. After looking at 500cc augmentations, I'm thinking maybe that's what I'll go with. I think I may have boob greed already! lol

Wish me luck! See y'all on the other side ;D

Hi ladies. I'm all done, crossed over, livin in...

Hi ladies. I'm all done, crossed over, livin in boobyland...

SURGERY DAY: My surgery was pretty quick. Appointment was at 7, filled out the paperwork, took some pics, and then the doctor came in and took a look (and squeeze). Told me I could go a full B or small C. WHAT?!? I wanted a full C or small D. He told me because my skin was so loose that for a really excellent result he recommended a 500cc HP implant, which would give me a C cup. Ok, I can live with that. Anything is better than what they were! Went back to chat with the coordinator and she said that the doctor told her I could go up to a 600 if I wanted. Overs. Nope, didn't want overs, but didn't want to be too small either! So I went in between with a 550cc HP. They took me to my room where I got my IV started, walked me to the surgery room, and was strapped down. Keep in mind, my surgery was done under local anesthesia with moderate sedation. I remember it was pretty cold in there and I couldn't stop shivering, both from that and also from nerves. The anethesiologist came in and injected something to put me to sleep, left the room so the nurses could finish getting me ready. They scrubbed me down and painted my chest with that lovely iodine solution. The anesthesiologist came back and was surprised that I wasn't asleep yet, so he injected some more solution into my IV. The last thing I remember is him saying that I was going to be put to sleep, and to think happy happy thoughts. "Happy, happy.." I responded. That was it, I was out to lunch. I do recall waking up and the anesthesiologist telling me that they were almost done, and I remember just saying, "Okay!" and then waking up back in my recovery room wrapped and taped up. How they did all that I don't remember...

I took a peek at my new boobs and was a little disappointed at first. They looked like how I did when my breasts would get engorged with milk. They were swollen and hard, but no pain. I was still pretty high on the drugs though lol
I felt along the edge of the swelling and thought my skin felt funny, almost like there were tiny bubbles underneath. I guess I pressed to hard trying to smooth out my skin underneath because now I've got a fingerprint bruise! Dammit! lol

After waking up, called my friend, mom, and boyfriend to let them know I was ok. Couldn't really tell you how I did it, because I don't really remember. Apparently I was also trying to get up and move around a lot, the nurse had to translate through my coordinator to tell me to lay down and relax or I'd give myself a hematoma. Ok, gotcha! But again, it's all pretty much a blur. Also no nausea, dizziness, or too much pain. Uncomfortable around the inner edge and top due to the tightness, and tender at the incision site. All in all, not as bad as I was expecting. I can also reach my arms up over my head but too scared to pull on the stitches so didn't extend my arms too far. Can also bend and move ok.

Later that night, I couldn't stand it anymore and peeled down the wrappings and took some pictures. I know, bad, but I wanted to see how they looked. WOW! Wasn't too disappointed after that. They're pretty round but I know that's just the swelling right now, but they seem to be a pretty decent size. I like them a lot!! Not too big, not too small. They're pretty perky right now, hope they don't 'drop and fluff' too much and sag too quickly.

PO Day 1: Felt much better after getting all the anesthesia out of my body. Was pretty groggy most of the day, but could only get snatches of sleep here and there due to the nurses doing their checkups, visitors coming to see other patients, and traffic noise outside. Sometimes it sucks being such a light sleeper! Also was uncomfortable sleeping on my back. Usually I sleep on my side or tummy, but that's out of the question for at least a week or two. Ah well, worth the sacrifice!

Boobs are already starting to soften up, can move them side to side a bit. They look nice and high. And round! Not pointy-round like when my milk would come in. I guess my boobs did get pretty big when I'd breastfeed, I just didn't think they looked all that large when I had a tummy to match! ;) Pretty close to the same size anyways, but a lil bigger.

Got to have a shower this morning with the nurse's help. She was so nice, and oh-so-helpful. I wasn't even shy at all to get naked in front of her, and yet I get shy in front of the boyfriend. Go figure lol

Had a little bit more rest, something to eat, and soon enough it was time to go to the airport, which is where I am now. Can't wait to get home and see my kids, I missed them! Oh yeah, and the boyfriend too, I

Will post pics when I get home, my phone doesn't want to give them up yet! Internet connection not good at the airport, or so it says. But will definitely do so when I get home!

Congrats to all my surgery-date twins and look forward to reading about your experiences!! And good luck to those going in soon :)

So, postop day 2 (or would it be considered day 3...

So, postop day 2 (or would it be considered day 3 if I include the day of surgery?)

Now I know what you ladies mean when you refer to 'morning boob'. Holy were they ever stiff and swollen when I woke up this morning. Was a very long day yesterday, was in airports and airplanes for over 12 hours due to delays..finally made it home at almost 2am this morning. Whew!

Question: I feel kind of like an air pocket on the top of my left boob. When I press lightly on it, it almost sounds like my boob is farting! Is this normal? And will it go away? So weird!!!!

...and sit there like 2 round slabs of marble, a...

...and sit there like 2 round slabs of marble, a la Victoria Beckham. Argh!! lol. They look nice with my compression bra on, not too big, not too small, but when I release those puppies wow do they ever look so fake! I know it takes time for them to fluff but I don't particularly care for the roundness on the top of my boob. Ah well, at least I've got boobs now and am very pleased thus far. It's nothing less than what I would expect for such a large implant. Anything's better than what they were before!

No problems or complications, other than the boobies looking super fake...also no sensation on my right nipple, but hopefully it'll come back. Almost full sensation has returned to my left breast, the right just has to play catch-up now. They're slightly asymmetrical, but they were before so that doesn't bother me too much. They're still pretty firm but I can squish them together a bit. Can't wait for them to soften up so that they look more like breasts vs balls under my skin!

The boyfriend has commented that he's not much of a boob man but I told him to shove it cuz they're for ME, not him! When I first came home he said they were big but that was it. Now I think he prefers them as they are now, because all the swelling has gone down and they don't look or feel as much like rocks. I feel the same. Current size is a 34C. Perfect!!! :)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

So, 2 weeks postop already! Whoa... Recovery so...

So, 2 weeks postop already! Whoa...

Recovery so far has been great! Boobs are getting squishy, the extreme roundness has softened somewhat, and incisions are now pink and are healing great. Not too much of a difference looks wise, other than a slight drop and softened edges. Everything's just peachy! :D
Oh yeah, except for the numbness on my right breast. My nipple is sore but I cannot feel anything on my areola and its circumference. My lower pole is also numb still. I was kind of worried about a permanent loss of sensation because my areola does not contract (ie, when it's cold), but it was a risk that I was aware of and hopefully will regain sensation as time goes on.

Now just have to wait for the fabled 'd & f'. When do you know when you've fully dropped and fluffed? I hope I don't drop too much, I kinda like having higher boobs! The fluffing can continue ;)

Also getting impatient about wearing some prettier bras! My ps advised a full month of the compression bra 24/7. Said it was to prevent fluid buildup and to keep the implants in place. Didn't mention anything about restrictions in regards to underwire bras, so am gonna pick up a few this weekend for when I am ready...I know I should wait a little longer for the whole process to complete but I can't!! Am getting sick of the compression bra, even though it is super-comfortable. *sigh* 2 more weeks to go!

So, tried shopping for bras this weekend (key word...

So, tried shopping for bras this weekend (key word being TRIED, lol) only to discover that my boobs are not quite ready yet. I went to good ol' Grand Forks, ND for a night away for me & the boyfriend to do some retail therapy. Why Grand Forks, you ask? Because as unlikely as it may seem, the shopping is better there than here in Winnipeg! Some of the same stores, but not the same products and definitely NOT at the same prices! Much better deals are to be found south of the border. Anywho, first stop was at the VS store for the semi-annual clearance sale. Was super excited to go and pick up some bras! Got measured, was told 34D. Wth? Are you sure? lol I wasn't complaining but it took me aback for a minute. The 34D bras just looked so BIG! Took about 6 to the change room, plus a few 34C just in case. Lo and behold, I was totally spilling out of the 34D bras. In addition, the push-up styles just made my breasts look so odd. Very hard, and square-looking at the top. Plus my boobs are so round at the bottom that the underwires on some of them wouldn't go completely below my crease. Haha guess I wasn't as soft as I thought! Ended up buying one measly bra there, a nice black lace underwire for when the boobs do decide to fluff. Although the bra is very pretty, I've found that I really like the support of my compression bra. Not much to look at, but it's pretty comfy (at least to me) and I dunno, I guess it just makes the girls feel nice and snug being swaddled like that. Next stop was Kohl's, bought a full-coverage everyday t-shirt bra from Olga. Gee, never thought I'd like the 'granny bra' style but turns out indeed I do, and very much so lol. Oh yes, it's a 34D as well. I even tried on a 34DD and fit that as well, but didn't want to get too cocky just in case my boobs get smaller.

I don't feel swollen at all, but from what I've read it could take a few months for the newly augmented breast to be a normal size (normal being relative here!) and from 6-12 months to settle into place. It's only been almost 3 weeks but getting impatient for them to soften! Love the new size, is more than I was anticipating. Don't believe the online calculators!!! Lol
Confused though too, because my compression bra is a 34C and it fits great, only sometimes my cleavage wants to bust out of it and I have to put those bad boys away ;P. Either way, I'm happy, and doesn't matter whether the bra size says C or D, cuz they're perfect for me!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

SOOO impatient for them to fluff! They are still...

SOOO impatient for them to fluff! They are still too round-looking, especially from the side, and when I lift my arms up when facing forward. And now they're LOW too! They've dropped some to assume a lower position on my chest, and now there is a vast expanse of skin from the top of my breasts to my collarbone. I am scared I am going to end up with the dreaded 'rock in a sock' look! :( They still are much better than what I had but I wish my body held 'em up longer lol

I've also found a link of a diagram that was informative about the d&f process, hope it helps you ladies out there too!
Made me feel a little better about my excessive upper pole. :)
Also feel that my implants themselves are still quite firm, even though I can move my boobs around and squish em together easily, and the skin around them is soft and moveable. Meaning, the implant moves as a whole vs the silicone squishing around in the shell. I hope I make sense lol....Anyone else feel like that?
*sigh* And to add to my misery, my stitches are spitting! They are poking out of my skin, pulled out a few and trimmed as carefully as I could. Freaked out and emailed my coordinator, who spoke to the doctor, and he responded by saying that it's fairly common in thin-skinned patients, sometimes people reject the dissolvable stitches, and that they can take months before being absorbed by the body, etc. Verified by doing a search on here and on Google. Well!

Ok, enough of my blathering. My body has a mind of its own and I'm just going to have to accept it. For now ;)

Reread my post from yesterday and man do I sound...

Reread my post from yesterday and man do I sound whiny! Lol sorry guys, I am actually pretty happy with my results but am letting the little imperfections overshadow the good stuff in my posts!! And I also sound contradictory, complaining about too much roundness on top then turning around and saying they're too low and the upper pole should've been higher. Yeesh! ;)

Slept braless last night and counted my lucky stars that I've got (big) boobs now! hehehe ;D

Soooo, it's been 7 weeks ALREADY! Holy moly time...

Soooo, it's been 7 weeks ALREADY! Holy moly time flies when life is boobiful :)

Boobies have dropped and fluffed out quite a bit, but still have quite the projection I tell ya! Am very pleased, despite not regaining sensation yet in Ms.Righty, but that's ok. She looks good and makes up for it!

Really liking my wardrobe now, I fill out the top finally and look curvy. Measurements are now almost the perfect hourglass shape: 37-28-37. WOOOHOOOO! And the rest of my body has been getting lots of attention from the boyfriend too, if ya know what I mean ;)

Hope all my surgery-date twins are doing good, and for those who have yet to, good luck and congrats!
Dr Jose Luis Salas

Had gotten a referral from an aquaintance, plus reviews on here and other sites. I looked at his website, contacted the clinic, and his staff were prompt and courteous with responses. He was quick and to the point during both the consultation and surgery itself, and I appreciated the fact that he told me what my limitations were. His staff were excellent-very attentive,courteous, and caring. His work is really good, and I am very pleased with my results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Beautiful results, just amazing! What size are you? Feel free to checkout my pics if you like!
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Girl you look awesome, so glad you are happy. I am too congrats and enjoy Ms. Righty and Lefty. lol
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Hey girl! Sounds like you are on the emotional rollercoaster ride of recovery! Hop on board, feel free to lose you mind over the next couple months! LOL. Since you are only 4 weeks, you know we gotta wait and see until around 3-6 months to see if there is anything we need to be worried about. When you are feeling blue about your boobies progression, could I suggest you try on some boobilicious tops and take some pics and compare your pre-op to your post-op.  Forget the bras for now or get wireless, I bet those would look great on you. =)
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You look really good! Looking at you i kinda wish i went a little bigger :)
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Lol I had boob greed too for about a minute right after the swelling went down. Then I looked at my pics again and realized they're pretty darn big already ;) Awesomeness, happy for all of us!!!
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I think you look great. I'm waiting for mine to drop as well. It has only been a week and a half for me but I can't wait.
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Thanks! Yours look nice and perky! :D
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Thank you!
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Hi Makeupjunkie, I think you look very good. Probably you're still a bit swollen, even though you don't feel it, it is a major surgery and therefore need time to heal and finally drop. I know the worse part is the waiting time for them to get as they should be, but it seems that moving to boobyland is also an exercise of patience for us. Wish you the best and a speed recovery!!
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Lol I hear ya! Patience has never been one of my virtues, despite having five lil rugrats! ;) Hope things are great on your end, cuz you look it!!
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Wow.....Mj101 you are not alone we are healing together since we had them put in around the same time.... I love my babies but I felt the same way last night when my hubby made the comment that they look round and asked why don't they make more breast like implants...he meant no harm but needless to say he had to suffer last night. So I'm kind of sensitive about them. I know the doctors say give it time time so I am trying to patient, I just hope I'm not doing anything wrong..hopefully my bra is tight enough. ..idk..maybe it's the swelling. Wish you much luck and speedy recover let me know if you find out any secrets..
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Hmm, why is it that women are so concerned about our appearance and yet men are not? They take things in stride and assume we can do the same...I think yours look really good, they don't look too round to me, just voluptuous :D I'm positive you'll have a great final result!!!
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Thank you soo much for your detailed review!! Also, Thanks for putting the complete name of your doctor. There are several reviews on here about a Dr. Salas that are not so good, but there are other Dr. Salas'. I am going to Dr. Jose Luis Salas as well. After reading your review, I am even more excited. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to get BA however, I am getting a full TT, Lipo of the back, hips, waist, knees, calves, Inner/outer thighs and upper arms. Out of all the Doctor's I contacted, Dr. Salas' has been more thorough. They respond to my e-mails and call promptly.
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Yes, he is very experienced and professional! Good luck with your surgery!!! :)
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Wow.....your look great. I know that you are really happy with them. I know what you mean about waiting for the drop and fluff... In some cases they say is can be up to a year. Well Im hoping it will be just 3 months for me. Im so ready to buy some cute bra and panty sets.... Enjoy your babies and I will be following your updates. Happy Boob Year!!!
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Happy boob year to you too!!! :D
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Ha ha... I live in Fargo so I found your last post comical since we see a lot of Winnipeger's come down on the weekends. I have a really good friend who lives there and try to make it up once a year. I am anxious for my girls to soften and I just had surgery on Wednesday... I have a feeling this is going to be a sloooow process! You look great!
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Thanks! We were thinking about heading to Fargo but due to time constraints (ok, laziness) so went to Grand Forks instead ;)
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You look so great! So glad your recovery is going good. R u wearing the 34C in Mirena bra? I have the same bra and I'm just wondering if the sizing in pretty bras is going to be the same..My Doc said I have to wear this bra for at least 2 months though :(( so no shopping for me for a while.Let us know how your bra shopping goes. Have fun!
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I do have the same bra, yes, but it is definitely not the same size as other brands. I guess because it's a compression bra it can squeeze our boobs down into a smaller space, whereas with other bras we are unleashing our bountiful breasts? lol
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So strange that you have a 34C in Mirena. I have a whole 135 ccs less than you and I'm a 34C in that bra as well. Anyway, I do agree with you that even though I really want to start wearing pretty lace bras my tatas are just not ready yet. I tried my nursing bra on a couple of days ago which was a 34C and there is just no way I can fit into it, it is just too small and the fast that the girls have not soften enough yet doesn't help either. My doc said it will take 3 months to see the end result (which I know is different from what is written everywhere) so I'm hoping to be able to shop freely then. Are you doing any massaging? I feel that the massage really makes the difference in dropping and softening.
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I was told I could start massaging when the swelling went down, but the 24/7 bra was nonnegotiable...I like feeling up my boobs so I 'massage' frequently lol
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:) I am also in a bra 24/7 but I was told to start massaging on day 3 i think. and Arnica gel and the post-op vitamins from make me heal really help with the swelling
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Love you review, very funny! At first My hubby was saying he's not a boob man and don't get them to big just a hand full ... I was like thats what i have is a hand full prior to surgery...but as soon as a big chested woman come on TV him and my son ... But he loves them now... The look great..very excited for you... I'm just starting to lay on my sides..probably shouldn't but..sleeping on my back is not going to cut it...good luck and keep me posted!
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Lol ahhhh MEN! They seem to forget they have huge hands ;). I too started sleeping on my side, the first week actually, but not on purpose, just woke up like that. I've read that the best position is on your back just in general, augmented boobs or not, which sucks for us side sleepers!! But I always take these things with a grain of salt, cuz next year they'll be telling us to sleep on our tummies to help our back. The wonders of modern medicine! ;P
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