Dr Campos I Think....- Tijuana, Mexico

I want this so bad... i'm almost there.....

i want this so bad...
i'm almost there...

ladies i need your help. i want to go to dr. campos but i have questions.
i heard you can fly to san diego then get driven to mexico. I also want to know what care facility is good. I have other questions. someone who has done this please get in touch with me!!!


Mexico Plastic Surgeon

i heard a lot from make me heal and real self...

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Most of our patients fly to San Diego, and there's a person who shuttles them into the office. There are several good medical homes in the area, one of the most popular is Club med, they always treat our patients very well and shuttle them in for all their post op appointments. If your staying in a medical home they sometimes go to pic you up at the airport to. If you have more questions you can always contact the girls at the office and they will gladly answer all your questions.
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Me neither , good luck on your journey hunn .
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Yes you are correct you go to the San Diego airport and you give your recovery house your flight time and they will handle the rest . There are three recovery houses people use club medical , beauty care & grace recovery .
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thank you for the information!
i can't wait!
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