16 Days Post Op - Mexico, MX

I just wanted to share my experience so far as for...

I just wanted to share my experience so far as for a few days after this procedure all I did was search online websites for information and I'm hoping that this review will spare some people the panic I experienced.
in a nutshell the recovery is major. I've had my eyes and nose done before and was told to expect swelling. Fat transfer (I did whole face) is a whole different type of swelling. the bruising I expected and didn't shock me (took 12 days to go without makeup)

the swelling however made my face at first very hard - I didn't expect that and the swelling got worse for a few days (especially in the morning) yep I took arnica and everything else but this was pretty crazy swelling.
because I didn't expect it I was very panicked and quite depressed - my doctor was fabulous at giving me the support I needed but I was pretty much in shock.

forget doing anything for the first week, I went out to the store in week 2 but I still felt very odd. now the swelling was going down in places and there were lumps. I was told this was all very normal. today is day 16 and I feel fine without makeup and I am back to work. my cheeks are still firm and im sure they look swollen (but not totally crazy), the lumps are just about gone and I can really see the light at the end of the rainbow. I now feel really good about it all but these last 2 weeks have been intense and quite upsetting. Had I known exactly what to expect I would have been totally fine about it.

my doctor told me "swelling" but we have different ideas on what that means :)
So if you are considering facial fat transfer I would give yourself 2 weeks minimum and even then you are feeling odd. this is my 3rd week and I can see/feel how much swelling is still to go but now I feel good about it.
I had full face and if I had only done cheeks I feel the downtime would have been a lot less and the firmness/swelling didn't last as long there.
So if you're like me and reading reviews AFTER the procedure I do hope this helps


Thanks so much for sharing, good information! It's been awhile since you posted your review, would love to see your end results, do you have any photos to share?
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