I have been reading and following many of you on...

I have been reading and following many of you on here the past year and have finally decided to go ahead and do it! I just booked my appointment with Dr. Cardenas and I am so excited and nervous. Initially I was just going to have a tummy tuck but the Dr. Cardenas recommended the lipo and fat graft to my butt for the best outcome. I hear so many different stories about liposuction and I wonder if it is safe for me because I have mild high blood pressure (but is controlled with medication). I trust she knows what shes doing. I am on my way today to get my blood work and EKG! Wish me luck...


im proud of you for taking this huge step! im praying for you and itll work out
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you have pre pics.... I am also considering going to her!
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Hiya I pray all goes well. Now down to business lol, i am considering the same doctor for lipo, bbl and possible tummy tuck. Please send pics so i can see her work! I have heard from a few people that her lipo sculpting is real good. Good luck, on your journey.
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