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Hi evryone , i wanna do the bbl with dr campos in...

Hi evryone , i wanna do the bbl with dr campos in tijuana because of his amazing results i saw , but i have heard so many bad things about Tijuana , i've heard that it's a dangerous city full of crime , drugs , cartel . So iam really scared to go their , anyone can share with me her tijuana experience ?

Hey I live 15 miles away from campos in SD and just went there last Thursday. In the Navy we hear it the worst! But my experience was waaay better then all the horror stories. What doc are you going with? Read my review and let me know of u have any specific questions I would live to help:)
Thank you for your answer , i want to go with dr Campos because of his wonderfull results and price , but everybody around me keep telling not to go to Tijuana because its to dangerous so i am kinda lost :-( , and i don't like the results of the drs in the usa cuz i don't see any difference between before and after pictures (just my opinion) plus it's to expensive for me :-( . So if anyone has any alternative or suggestions please let me know . Tanx
Ya that's exactly why I'm going with campos. Honestly if your that nervous stay at clubmed they take you from us to tj, escort you everywhere, all meals included, nurses take care of you, it's on the beach away from all the chaos, and the owner is American and everyone speaks perfect English, there and campos office. Just an option.
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