Brazilian Butt Lift. Extremely Nervous - Tijuana, Mexico

I'm new to this but this website has helped me so...

I'm new to this but this website has helped me so much in making up my mind and educating my self on my surgery. Im 23 years old 5'3 ans weight aboyt 125-130z I'm schedule for Dr.campos in TJ. I'm getting the Brazilian butt lift and I'm extremely nervous and excited for this I've been wanting this for a very long time. Im a student so I'm really concerned how long It will take me to heal from this.


hi from what I read about the after bbl the first few days ur in so much pain u. specially massages ...right on the third week u can sit or lay on ur back but still Some girls in here want to wait a lil longer when butt starts to feel softer that's about a month good luck :)
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Thanks for posting the start to your journey on RealSelf!  I'm sure you will love your results.  :)  Have you talked with your doctor about recovery time?

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