Ultherapy Not Worth It -Tigard, OR

I agree with the poster. I had this procedure done...

I agree with the poster. I had this procedure done at the Vanderveer Center near Portland, OR. Not only was it painful and expensive, but I see no results! I was swollen for several days and numb for weeks afterwards. I figured no pain, no gain. But, after 6 months, I see no difference. If anything, I have lost volume in my face. I feel like a fool for forking out that kind of money!


I went back for at 3 months to compare photos and they told me that it takes up to six months. I filled out two different customer satisfaction surveys indicating I had no results and they never responded.
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Just wondering if you contacted the doctor to find out if there is an explanation why it didn't work for you but seems to work for some other people. The reviews are all over the board on Ultherapy so I'm wondering if it's due to the doctor's performance or something about the patient's skin, age, etc.?
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Thank you for sharing your experience with the community.  I am sorry that you did not get the results you were expecting.
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