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I cant figure out how dermatologists price this...

I cant figure out how dermatologists price this stuff. per unit or per site. I had Dysport injected in my crows feet and in between my eyes -my doctor used one syringe and was touting the sucess of Dysport versus Botox plus the kicker of a $75 rebate -she told me it cost 350 so I figured what with the rebate I could afford it -then I see my bill- 650! I nearly collasped. It's not like she can extract it from my face so I can get my money back.

I complained I didn't understand 2 sites versus units etc. prior to the procedure -650 is to a person on a budget- insane.-I'm left now paying on a credit card-consider it buyer's remorse.

I did not see the immediate affects like I did with botox, and by the way botox was cheaper in this office. After about 5 days I notice some affect and I certainly notice the tightness in my face around the injection sites. There was no pain or other side effects that I have notice. But I am angry with these dermatologists who can come up with there way of charging people -IT SHOULD STATE CLEARLY HOW YOU ARE CHARGED BEFORE THE PROCEDURE IS DONE-PATIENTS SHOULD NOT GET STICKER SHOCK AFTERWARDS BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO BUT COMPLAIN TO THE MEDICAL BOARD BUT WE ARE CERTAINLY NOT GETTING A REFUND.

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cost involved and the fact that there is no specific pricing for this stuff.

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Just refuse to pay and make a scene. Dare them to call the police and then say that you were never presented with a prior invoice or whatever.
The police won't touch you and the office doesn't want a scene.

Even the most reputable docs have bait and switch clinicians and those who do hardsell. They have to in order to meet their goals.
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Pricing per site and not by unit IMO is for Dysport or Botox is underhanded. Certainly a thick skinned male or someone with stronger muscles would require more so why the set price for one specific area??? Anytime I get Botox I know the exact amount of units and cost and sign off on it prior to the doctor injecting me. I am sorry you did not know the exact amount you were going to be charged prior to getting injected. While I agree that it should state clearly what you are being charged I also think if there is any question to exactly what is going on with your your treatment questions should be asked and answered. Do you like the product?
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