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I had a standardd mastopexy or breast lift...

I had a standardd mastopexy or breast lift performed approx. 1 month ago. I am absolutley thrilled with my results. I am a mom of two small children and had very saggy and somewhat deflated breasts post breast feeding. After the surgery my breasts are back up to where they belong, perky and looking better then what I had originally started with!! The whole procedure went very smoothly. I had very litlte pain after the surgery and was using only tylenol after the first post op day.

The incisions were made around my areola, with a straight line incision going down my breast, and then underneath as well. Just 1 month out, the scars are begining to fade nicely to my own flesh color. I would highly recommend this procedure for anyone in my similar situation. I cannot tell you what it has done for my own self image and confidence. Thanks for reading my post and good luck!

Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was extremly perfessional and knowledgeable, yet very caring and compassionate.

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I am happy to hear this!!I am also a mom and due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, have begun to sag. Im planning on travelling abroad for plastic surgery in March. Im having a breast lift along with a tummy tuck, so excited to have everything done its nice to read success stories from other people!
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I already have a consult scheduled w/ this doctor so I am so glad to see your post! Do you mind me asking what cup size you were before and what you are now? And if you know why she did the incisioon underneath if she didn't do a keyhole incision? Thanks (and congrats on your great result!)
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i had a breast lift 3 weeks ago and regret it as the scars are really bad and my nipples are different sizes plus not in line with each other,a bodge job was done and now im left looking like a seeking compensation and will need reconstructive surgery.
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Geez, 3 weeks? Give it some time before you call the lawyer
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