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"Thread Procedure" for Cheeks

Don't do it. I spent $2500 having a thread...

Don't do it. I spent $2500 having a thread procedure performed on me in 2002, only to have two separate surgeons tell me in 2008 that I would have to have the strings removed when I sought a facelift in anticipation of my son's wedding--he is marrying into a prestigious family, and I wanted to look good.

The pros: the thread lift made my cheeks look better for a couple of years.

The cons: The strings--in my case, the ones on the left side of my face--ultimately began to hurt when I was sleeping with the left side of my face on the pillow. Secondly, these strings have to be removed if you ultimately have a facelift. I think it's wiser to save the $2500 to put towards your $6,000-12,000 facelift

Thank you for your input on this procedure, I have ( in the past two weeks ) been to two different surgeons for sculptra and been sent home with nothing being done, nothing no nada!?!!! Happy to know that there are responsible doctors out there who aren't just after our money. Sad to say I do wish I would have had something done for my marionette lines and nasial label ? folds or smile lines, I also had wanted to get my cheeks and, or sub malar area this still needs to be done and I am so far away from the money I need to get a rhino and mid face lift which is what the girl at the one office suggested I thought she was great and trust her judgement so after ( somewhat embarrassed to say this but I will ) I also went to a real posh upscale to do place in La Jolla on the third floor University Center Lane anyway the female doctor there put in Sculptra * not even where I wanted it put => on my temples and outter face area? yes
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