I Do Not Like the Results

Right now, I'm very interested in a class action...

right now, I'm very interested in a class action lawsuit.has anyone filed one or do you know of one or is there a website that can go to. My doctor says he can take them out, but I'm pretty scared. After I read your comments. He never mentioned anything of the side effects and did not mention that it would be difficult. He talks like it's a walk in the park. Please inform me if anyone has taken out the threads and now, if there was any more damage. I like to know before I go through this procedure


so far I haven't heard from anyone saying that there's a civil lawsuit going. I received a check,from the manufacture and it was sent to my surgeon stating that if I except this money.I would no longer pursue a lawsuit in so many words. I told my doctor,I would think about it, but the more I read, I feel like how dare them. Offer me such a ridiculous amount . when actually to remove the contour threads. You need a whole facelift to do so. I went to three, plastic surgeons certified, and they all said they needed to do a facelift. The small amount of money will not pay for this. I am so mad, and I have not gotten back with my doctor on this issue. I'm scared to let him do the facelift and I need more money. So I'm thinking of going to small claims court. You can sue as high as 7,500 here in Southern California
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I can't say enough bad about the thread lift. I can see the threads and feel where they come out on my head. They are constantly pulling on my skin and hurt. I have one eye that is starting to droop where the thread pulls. Nobody warned that this could happen and I have never been able to see any positive results. People who have known me forever could not tell that anything had been done. I would be interested in a lawsuit.
My God you should see what these threads have done to my face. It would take a novel to inform you of what I have put up with. Scars, lesions, holes, sinus tracts, . Can you tell me the manufacturer of the threads. Perhaps I should get this information from the Dr. who put them in and ignored all the problems I had forcing me to see two different plastic surgeons.. Help any one!!!
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