Thread Lift Gave Me Nothing but Pain and Problems

There is a reason no surgeon will do thread lifts...

There is a reason no surgeon will do thread lifts anymore – they’re crap! I had mine done two years ago when it was still being touted as a facelift that was less invasive but just as effective. Ha! To me it was more invasive when you factor in the return trips to the doctor to fix the mistakes plus what I have to go through now. I responded to a dermatologist’s ad in the newspaper with a special coupon deal for the thread lift. I went in naïve about it but his staff couldn’t say enough about how great it was. I was uncomfortable about doing it but did want to change (and the way they point out every one of your flaws, who wouldn’t?!) so I did it. Immediately afterwards I had complications. The left side of my face was numb and I found out later the dermatologist had nicked a nerve and put the threads in wrong. This started as a dull ache at my temples and eventually radiated down my face all the way to my jaw. I’ve seen two specialists. It continues to this day and is very painful in certain situations. I only found out about this after my dermatologist had moved cities and set up a practice somewhere else with no forwarding contact information to his patients. Since then I have consulted with a plastic surgeon about removing the threads and undoing the damage. I know it sounds ridiculous but I can’t bring myself to do that yet. I want to go back to normal (if that’s even possible) but I’m so afraid of being in someone else’s hands again and reliving this experience all over again.


to: Maxine75 Detroit, MI Jun 21, 2007 re: your threadlift: part of the problem with the contour & other threadlift manufacturers such as surgical specialties/angiotech; was the threads were approved by the fda, (at least as sutures for the brain), and therefore they sold their brief training/certification & products to non-plastic surgeons, including just m.d.'s, not just your dermatologist. you were sold "a bill of goods" especially after it was on the oprah tv show & other news stories, by the manufacturer "selling" certification to non-surgeons. there are more nerves in your face than any other section of your body, so i've read...but not a surgeon myself. i was disfigured by the contour threads, and a full face lift by the chief of plastic surgery from austin tx could not make me look the way i did before the threads..and only a small piece of one thread on one side could be removed. i seek others for a class action suit; or having your attorney confer with mine to share opinions, expert witnesses & research.
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Hi, I had the contour threadlift in 2006 and just had them removed a few months ago. I have nerve pain and alot more. Have you found a class action law suit regarding this procedure?
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