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Latisse Works...Applicator is Terrible Though - Thousand Oaks, CA

I love this product. I have been using it for 6wks...

I love this product. I have been using it for 6wks & my lashes are longer & fuller. I also used it on my eyebrow which is also growing back in. The applicator is terrible- but use just one and put two drops which someone else also wrote- to avoid product waste.

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I just wash the brushes and reuse them. Since it is just me and I know my eyes I haven't had a problem. Generic Lumigan is 1/4-1/3 the cost and is the exact same thing. Not sure I'd buy it full price but generic is totally worth it! You can get it online w/o a script.
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Hi, I spoke w/a customer rep from Latisse to ask them about the applicators that come w/the Latisse. The FDA made Allergan put in the applicators so that they could insure that people using this product would have a clean brush to use when they applied the Latisse. I asked if I could just buy a good eyeliner brush to use w/their product & the official word is use their applicators but I thought since I have been using eye make-up (& contact lenses)for over 25 years & have only had one eye infection (that's when I used someone else's mascara). Here is what worked for me. I bought a good eyeliner brush & only use it to apply the Latisse & it works better than the applicators that come w/Latisse. I wash the brush every night after I use it & my Latisse lasted longer b/c I wasn't wasting it on those big spongey brushs that come w/the product. I am very careful w/all my eye products & love the results I am getting from Latisse. Best wishes & hope if you decide to try this tip it will work for you too. Ciao, Choyce2020
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Hi, I was wondering how you apply the product to the eyeliner brush. I have been doing the same thing. I hold the bristles against my finger tip and put one drop on the brush then apply it to the lash line as if I were applying eyeliner. But I feel like maybe I am wasting too much product because I can see a little of it on my finger tip afterward. Do you just hold the applicator against the tip of the bottle? I just want to make this stuff last as long as possible and make sure I am applying the correct amount. With EVERY product I use whether it is face cream, acne medicine etc I tend to go over board using too much... with that whole philosophy of "I am going to make this happen immediately if I use more!" haha. But I am trying to make sure I don't do that with this stuff. How do you avoid wasting it or using too much when putting it on the eyeliner brush? Just looking for a little advice and or tips for use with the product. Thanks.- Amy in LA
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