White Head Bump in Corner of my Eye Removed - Thousand Oaks, CA

I was so happy with Dr. Ngo. I was told by another...

I was so happy with Dr. Ngo. I was told by another Dermotologist that they could not do this procedure because it was too close to my tear duct but Dr. Ngo said no problem. When she came towards my eye with a needle, I was very scared, but she told me I would not feel any pain and she was just going to numb the area. I did not even feel a tiny sting! Then everything was totally numb and they dug out the white head and I just felt pressure. I was told to expect bruising but I didn't get that either, although it was sore to the touch for a couple weeks. I didn't care, I was so happy to have that bump gone and I have no trace of it! I was very happy with Dr. Ngo.
These bumps ruin your overall personality and it should be treated on time before you started losing your self-confidence. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Sounds like milia, which I also have had very close to my eye. I get them on my forehead on occasion and they are frustrating because they do seem to just appear and they can go away on their own bey this seems to take forever and only with persistently using some kind of acid, such as beta hydroxy (salicylic) or alpha (glycolic). I'm an Esthetician and easily remove my own (have done this for years after discovering lancets, long before I was licensed). This may sound twisted but I actually love removing them.....I've always enjoyed extractions in general and feel a sense if accomplishment!). I would never ever recommend self removal to anyone as this is a very dangerous and sensitive area that can be irreversibly damaged. Depending on the state and the boundaries of the scope of practice, estheticians can remove them, too. Or nurses. I'm happy to hear yours was easily remedied safely. Google milia to read up about them.
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