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I've tried several fillers. None work as well as...

I've tried several fillers. None work as well as radisse and have as long lasting results. I'm 33 but people can't believe i'm 33. They think i'm 25, and i still get carded at bars. I basically have radisse injected every 6-8 months by a skilled doctor to build my upper cheek area where i'm losing volume, eliminating the nasal-labial fold and restoring cheek structure. The result is that i look younger than most people do in their 20s. Well worth the cost in my opinion. And people, please, if you're not using sunscreen DAILY and using a decent skin regiment, there is no magic filler that will fix your stupidity. AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE.


i am so surprised that you two are paying so little in the l.a. area. good for you!
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Where r u Park Ridge255? I used to go to a Derm in Camarillo and I was paying thru the wazoo for shots...back then I used Perlane...he never ONCE suggested Raidesse....third time when I was pissed that it would wear off so quickly he told me "Oh! Next time we will have to try Raidesse"...I was soo upset since I was paying $600 per syringe ...and first time had three...then two each time after...I was LIVID...so I took about 6 months...called everyone...did my homework and found my place...I luv them..luv her...and will never go anyplace else...xxxoo
i am on the east cost....in nj but i was in encino last year for 5 months. near ventura and yarmouth. if i happen to go that area again...i will go to your guy! i noticed that someone paid even less in northridge....i stayed there the year before.
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