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Had lipothereme 10 days ago on my chin / neck /...

Had lipothereme 10 days ago on my chin / neck / jawline area. I was pretty swollen for about a whole week. After 10 days the swelling has pretty much subsided and I notice a difference in my face. No more double chin and a more defined jawline. I can alsp feel the skin tightening in that area.

The procedure only took 30 min, not much pain or discomfort. I drove home right after the procedure and went out drinking the next night. The only annoying thing I have with the recovery is the damn compression garment. It's uncomfortable and makes my skin itchy.

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trying to set comments on the neck and chin. Anybody have this done? I'm set for august, just a little nervious.
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Thnaks for the information. I'm going to have that area done in the end of June. How is wearing the facial garment? Is it terribly embarrassing?
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