They Can Change the Lip Colors on Permanent Makeup

I had a permanent makeup eyeliner procedure many...

I had a permanent makeup eyeliner procedure many years ago. At first it was good but wasn't as dark as I wear it or didn't show through my darker skin well enough so she did it again and that did the trick.

I wanted my lips done also but she wouldn't do it. She said all kinds of bad things could happen because I was dark skinned. After a few years I kept pleading with her to do it. We used to work together at the hospital and I asked as a friend for her to do it and I would accept whatever happened as my own fault. I wanted a light pink. She said it would be difficult to put light pink on dark skin. She said she would test overcompensating with a pink way lighter than what I was wanting. It did turn out too light. It didn't look good on me. It might have looked good on a white woman.

She made me wait a year and a half to redo it. She wanted to make sure nothing was going to change about the color. When I went back she changed the color and it looks good now. She thought the extra light base from the first time helped make the color do well the second time.


I want to have my permanent lips colour done. Please where in Ghana can you be found. Please. Naana, Ghana
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Please I need a reply. Thanks. Naanaous

please my problem is i have a dark skin and a very dark lips which's darker than my skin colour and i want to find out if there's either surgery or anything that can permanently change my dark lips to pink.....
Also i want to know how much it's going to cost me to have it done cuz it does't makes me feel confortable in the mist of people.
Due to that i have been applyin lipstick each and everyday and im no longer confortable with it......
Please let the price be relatively low so i can afford.and can inbox me

pl from GHANA....

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